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Bio Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge Kit

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/21/2020

Bio Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge Kit

It’s normal for a hot tub or a spa to be heated to between 98 and 104 degrees. Water heated to this temperature creates conditions for a great soak and a super relaxed environment.

Behind this pleasant atmosphere and within the walls of the portable hot tub exist many feet of plumbing lines that transport heated water through the inner workings to allow the spa jets to function properly. When the spa is not in use, these internal pipes become a place where bacteria and other things such as lotions, sweat, organics, and other contaminants can build up.

This type of accumulation occurs naturally and is very common within a closed system of water that is heated. You can go through all of the effort of maintaining ideally optimized water and still need periodic turbo cleansings from the inside out.

Gunk, organics, black specs, mold, surface grit, oils and other hard to tackle nuisances build up and need to be purged. Luckily, there’s  Bio Ouster which aids in loosening, suspends and purges all of the buildup that’s been hiding over time. One dose treats the hot tub for 3 to 4 months while maintaining cleaner water, minimizing demand on your pumps, and decreasing the amount of spa chemicals required to maintain healthy water. It’s worry free to use as it’s formulated for today’s premium acrylic hot tubs and portable spas with jets.  Bio Ouster™ Hot Tub can be used with Di-Chlor, Ozone, Bromine, Chlorine, Nature2, Frog, Bacquaspa, Ionization or any other sanitizer. It’s also septic system safe.

Bio Ouster Hot Tub Restoration

The reasons and indicators of you needing a good healthy hot tub purge are many.

- Black, white, or grey flakes, slime, or gunk are visible in the water, on the shell surface, or in the filters.

- A noticeably unpleasant odor is present.

- The hot tub is regularly cloudy.

- Frequency of purchasing chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry has increased.

- Itchy skin after leaving the spa

- Your hot tub was acquired previously used or it has been more than a year since it was purchased new

It is truly a common misconception that hot tub owners think that their sanitizer goes to work taking care of all bacteria present within the spa’s system. This assumption is actually false. The reality of it is that the use of bromine and chlorine only kill bacteria that is present in suspended water. If and when the bacteria develop into more complex groupings then the cleaning process becomes more challenging. These colonies are able to cling to any surface with nutrients available and build an outer shell that’s impervious to common sanitizers used in hot tubs.

Most hot tub sanitizers only treat the water within the hot tub system and don’t address the internal plumbing system. Cleaning out all of the pipes can be a tedious manual job and sometimes you could even require a plumber. Bio Ouster allows you to bypass all of this extra stress and it's specifically formulated to work on “scraping” out your hot tub’s water pipes.

The  Bio Ouster Hot Tub Kit Includes:

- One (1) Hot Tub Restoration Cleanse 30mL Treatment.

- One (1) Bio Ouster Premium Microfiber Towel. Made from ultra-soft, premium material, non-abrasive for superior      spa finishes.

- Step-by-Step Instructions on how to use the Bio Ouster Hot Tub Kit. 

Bio Ouster Hot Tub Restoration