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Blue Torrent Step Liner Guards

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/24/2020

Blue Torrent Step Liner Guards

Blue Torrent Step Liner Guards are sold in two sizes. The standard size measures 36” x 48” and the larger size checks in at 56” x 48”. There is also 2 Ladder Liner Guards which are 9” x 24” and 12" x 36". All four are blue in color.

Their function is to protect the liner from cutting and weakening from the weight and sharp edges of your pool ladder or steps. They are very easy to place and are manufactured from a non-skid material that helps keep the stairs securely in place.

Using these mats will help to reduce wear on your vinyl liner thus prolonging the life of it. They also work to keep you safe when you enter or exit your swimming pool.

Blue Torrent Ladder Liner Guard

Ladder Liner Guard 9" x 24"

Ladder Liner Guard 12" x 36"

Blue Torrent Step Liner Guard

Standard Step Mat 36" x 48"

Blue Torrent Step Liner Guard

Large Step Mat 56" x 48"

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