Blue Torrent Step-in-a-Box for Swimming Pools

Posted by Matt Fichera on Aug 21 2020

Blue Torrent Step-in-a-Box for Swimming Pools

These beautiful wedding cake Step-in-a-Box stairs helps to make getting in and out of the pool as easy as going up and down stairs in your home. Brilliantly unique while providing all of the elegance and convenience of a one-piece step without all of the hassles including shipping conveniently in a single box that’s easy to ship and a piece of “wedding” cake to assemble upon arrival.

Manufactured with injection molding, integrated segment construction, and a glossy finish, the stairs measure 42” deep and 53” wide. The stairs will not flex or sag over time like competitors that are blow molded. Utilizing these stairs requires no weights and they included a hand rail with a bracket to mount to the pool deck. To protect the pool bottom, these stairs also come with a complimentary 56’ x 48’ liner guard that we urge you to use for added protection against damage to both the pool and the stairs.

The Step-in-a-Box stairs has a built-in foam cushion and non-skid stair treads to help with slip prevention. The surface of the steps are also ventilated which help to reduce any kind of algae growth or other contaminants. These stairs can hold up to 480 lbs.

The very first thing that you should do is read the assembly manual before starting to put together the stairs. The stairs come stacked within the box and all you will need to assemble the steps is a screwdriver and wouldn’t you know, there’s one included. Once assembled, find the included liner guard and put that in the pool. Place the steps over the liner guard and lower into the pool at an angle as this will help to trap less air within them. The stairs will sink and settle into the pool on their own. If the stairs are having trouble leveling out then there is most likely air still trapped within them. To remove the air, go ahead and rock the stair back and forth a few times which should take of this and the stairs should sit level.

At this time the Step-in-a-Box is ready to be anchored. Lower the deck flange on the handle and once level with the deck use the screws and screwdriver provided to anchor the step to the decking. Before you do this, you should have someone stand on the step ensuring that you get the best and most secure connection.

The Step-in-a-Box ships quickly and easily. These pool steps should be available through E-Z Test Pool Supplies very soon!