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Borate Pool Treatment

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/04/2019

Borate Pool Treatment

Borate Pool Water Treatment

Borate products help to keep pool water’s pH within a target range and in turn, prevents scale and corrosion. They are used as algaestats which is a preventative tool stopping algae growth as opposed to a reactive tool like an algaecide that treats an outbreak after it has happened. These borate products cut off carbon dioxide which is the chief nutrient of bothersome algae. If spores are present in the water, they will not reproduce because without the CO2 available, they cannot achieve photosynthesis the process needed to create more. As a result of this, you actually reduce the consumption of your sanitizer which is a contributor to easier maintenance and better-quality pool water.

Borate pool additives aren’t consumed over time and are typically only added on an annual basis. Once dissolved in water, the only way they exit the pool is by way of splash out, excessive rainwater or backwashing. Borate is also looked at as safe as it’s one of Earth’s natural elements and is naturally present in things like soil, water, and rocks. Borates are considered natural additives and are not susceptible to UV working with all types of sanitizers.

Borates act as a buffer and are excellent at holding pH to allow sanitizers to burn off and eliminate any bacteria in the water as well as putting a stop to any potential metal staining. They work to combat scaling and water cloudiness which are both major aesthetic issues. Scale is caused by crystallized salts on the sides of the pool. Borates also work well to lock up calcium and prevent this reaction from happening.

A good rule of thumb is to use borate in a concentration that’s between 30 and 50 ppm simple test strips are readily available to test for the recommended residual.  Borate helps with pH and algae but another benefit that’s really popular with pool owners is how it makes the water look and feel. There’s a softer feel as well as a sparkle and a shine on your skin. Boric acid is actually an ingredient in eye droplets that work to get the red out and just like this process, the “clearing up” factor does in fact translate over to swimming pools.

To add to your pool, make sure that the pump is running, add the recommended level of product depending on the number of gallons of water that your pool holds and add all of the way around your pool or through the skimmer if you so choose. Let your pump run for 24 hours, as this will speed the process of completely mixing the chemicals. After this amount of time you’ll want to test your water again for appropriate levels of borate, PH, and total alkalinity.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we recommend  Endure® Water Conditioner by Ultima. It’s available in 10lb. buckets. It’s also compatible with bromine, biguanide, bromine, and chlorine sanitizing systems. Use 2lbs. of this product for every 1,000 gallons of pool water

Ultima Endure Water Conditioner (10 Lb. Bucket) (27833A)

5 Great Benefits of Borate

-Soft Sparkling Pool

-Gentle on the Eyes and Hair

-Stable pH

-Reduced Chlorine Demand

-Reduction in Calcium Scaling and Metal Staining