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CelaPool DE Filter Media | 6 lb. Bags For Easy Shipping!

Published by Matt Fichera on 05/23/2022

CelaPool DE Filter Media | 6 lb. Bags For Easy Shipping!

CelaPool is a low dust diatomaceous earth used as a filter media in swimming pool filters. It’s very easy to use, creates no mess, and produces less waste than other types of D.E. CelaPool comes shipped to you in a thermally sealed bag for cleaner handling and perfect storage. It also blends quickly into water and doesn’t float on top like some powders are known to do.

Using CelaPool helps you to create a beautiful and sparkling clean pool today. It provides those same great benefits that Celatom, its sister brand provides as well. Both of these products are NSF Certified. CelaPool is a product that was designed by listening to swimming pool professionals and just how dusty their original formula is despite it being the most effective filter media for a crystal clear and clean pool.

CelaPool is a great product for shipping as it’s available in convenient 6 lb. bags that are easy to handle. Their bag has also been redesigned. It’s leak-proof and thermally sealed for cleaner handling and storage. These plastic bags hold up very well in wet areas like you find around a swimming pool.

CelaPool and Celatom are the best filtration media products on the market today and on top of that, they’re easy to use and compatible with all available filters. Make your neighbors jealous, with the clean, clear pool you want with CelaPool, the better D.E. filter powder.

Note: A 32 oz. drink cup filled with filter powder equals 1 qt. or ½ lb. and makes for a handy scoop.

Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth Application Tips

  • Add approximately 1 lb. D.E. for every 10 square feet of the pool. If your pool is 60 sq. ft. it would need 6 lbs. of D. E.
  • Measure the required D.E. amount, mix in a pail of water to create a slurry, then feed it into the filter via addition to the pool skimmer. It’s important to always review the filter manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Record pressure after D.E. has been applied to the filter. When the pressure increases 8 – 10 pounds above this baseline, then it is time to clean the filter.
  • D.E. filters should be cleaned at least once per year. To clean the filter, turn the pump off, drain the filter, remove the filter, hose off the grids, and then reassemble and apply fresh D.E.

Our team at E-Z Test Pool Supplies would be happy to help you with your filter and filter media needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.