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Choosing the Right Pool Heater for Your Above Ground Pool

Published by Monique on 05/18/2024

Choosing the Right Pool Heater for Your Above Ground Pool

Having an above ground pool is great for backyard fun and staying cool during hot summer months. But once temperatures start to dip, you'll need a reliable pool heater to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature for swimming. Raypak offers a wide range of pool heaters that are perfect for any size above ground pool.

Raypak has different models available that run on natural gas, propane, or electricity so you can choose the fuel type that works best for your situation. Their natural gas and propane heaters tend to heat pools faster than electric models. However, electric heat pumps have very low operating costs if you want to prioritize energy efficiency.

One of the most important factors when selecting a Raypak pool heater is sizing it properly for your above ground pool's volume of water. Raypak makes residential pool heaters rated from 150,000 up to 399,000 BTUs to handle any size above ground pool. Getting the right sized heater is crucial - an undersized unit will run constantly trying to heat your pool, while an oversized heater will heat the pool too quickly leading to hot spots and wasted energy.

In addition to pool size, you'll want to consider your heating needs and capability of the unit based on your climate. Living in a colder region or wanting to swim for more months out of the year will require a higher output heater than warm weather areas with short swim seasons.

Don't forget to factor in installation and maintenance costs too. More powerful heaters typically have higher venting requirements and electric models require running new electricity lines which can mean higher upfront installation expenses. But Raypak units are designed for easy maintenance to keep operating costs low over their lifetime.

No matter your pool heating needs, Raypak and EZ Pool & Spa Supply has an above ground pool heater solution that will provide reliable, efficient warmth to extend your swim season. See our table below to identify which size heater is right for you!