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Coates Heaters

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/05/2019

Coates Heaters

Coates Pool Heaters

Coates swimming pool and spa/hot tub heaters are well known for the highest in quality and reliability, and have been trusted by pool and spa owners since the 1940s. Offering a wide range in power, from just 1.5kW all of the way up to 57kW. Coates has a model to suit every application. Additionally, most heaters can be purchased as either single or three-phase, depending on your specific need. Also, for larger commercial applications, Coates also manufactures heaters up to 300kW.

Keep in mind that the difference between a pool or spa that is adequately heated and one that is not can be the difference between a pool or spa that is used and enjoyed to its fullest potential and one that may have its season cut drastically shorter. This is where a Coates heater comes in.

Available Pool and Spa Heaters:

ILS Series Available in 1.5kW and 5.5kW models.

Both of these models are compact and efficient while being ideal for residential spas under 400 gallons. These in-line spa heaters come with stainless steel tanks and are equipped with replaceable titanium elements for greater longevity.

ST Series Available in 5.5kW and 11kW models.

These heaters are for residential spas between 250 and 600 gallons and have a built-in flow switch that prevents heater operation when there is no flowing water, preventing potential damage to the unit. During normal operations the heater can run between 15GPM and 80GPM. To optimize heat transfer the stainless-steel tank directs water flow efficiently over the heating elements.

CE Series Available in 12kW and 18kW models.

This series is perfect for large spas or smaller residential pools, they feature a flow switch that prevents operation when there is no water flow, preventing damage to the unit. These are also available in single phase and three phase configurations. A stainless-steel tank that’s corrosion resistant and built for a long life is also included.

CPH Series Available in 24kW and 30kW models.

Great for residential and small commercial pools. Features the same great abilities of the 12-18kw heaters and include a digital thermostat to get that precise control of the pool water temperature that you’re looking for.

PHS Series Available in 36kW and 57kW models.

Ideal for large pools and cold weather applications, the Coates 36-57kw heaters include a digital thermostat to control the pool water temperature more accurately. Also included are all of the same features as the 12-18kw heaters. These commercial heaters are designed for high capacity installs and incorporate features into their designs that increase service life and dependability, and provide ease of servicing. All electrical components are easily accessible under the conveniently hinged cover. Terminal blocks are provided for simplified power supply wiring. They heaters are manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless-steel tank surfaces and low watt density elements which are mounted on four-bolt stainless steel flanges set up the heater for a trouble-free service life.

Coates Salt Water Heaters

Coates also manufactures heaters for use with salt water chlorine generator sanitizing systems. These units have increased corrosion resistance with Copper-Nickel tanks and Titanium heating elements. Coates offers corrosion resistance up to 3500ppm salt content.

TR Series Available in 12kW and 18kW models.

PHS-CN Series Available in 24KW and 57KW models.

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