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Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover Systems

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/10/2020

Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover Systems

Coverstar automatic pool covers are the strongest and most durable pool cover systems on the market today. It’s no secret that having a backyard pool really is the ultimate source of family fun. But when it comes to the safety and security of children and family pets, no parent or pet owner can have an eye on the backyard pool every single moment of the day. Sure, fences and alarms add layers of safety and security to the situation but in reality, there’s still a chance that children and pets can gain access to the pool area unsupervised.

This is where a safety cover from Coverstar comes in. During pool season, when the pool is closed, you are not going to be installing your heavy-duty winter safety cover every night before you go to bed. This would be too labor intensive and not optimal. A Coverstar safety cover is the strongest way to prevent loved ones from accessing the pool area when you can’t be there. An automatic cover is literally on/off protection at the push of a button.

In addition to the safety aspect, regular use of an automatic pool cover helps in these additional ways:

  • Chemical use and water evaporation can be decreased by as much as 80%.
  • The pool will be kept cleaner and remain warmer with regular use.
  • Opens and closes completely in about 30 seconds.
  • The pool owner can remain in complete control of when the pool is open or closed as a switch with a removable key can be installed.
  • An auto cover saves the owner money in the long and short run and extends the pool season.

What you’re getting with an automatic safety cover is reinforced fabric riding on two separate tracks that is pulled back and forth across the pool. Dacron cables and pulleys are hidden in the dual tracks and are tasked with putting the cover in motion. When the cover is off the pool, it’s rolled onto a tube made from aluminum. The system is typically powered by a hydraulic motor with a remote electric power pack, or an electric gear motor.

The cover material itself is crafted with a reinforced mesh built into the bottom making it extremely strong but also allowing it to be flexible. This design helps create a draping seal on the surface of the pool. At this point, the cover acts very similar to a very big and very soft water bed. The pool water supporting the material creates buoyancy and is the source of the cover’s ability to carry large amounts of weight. Th extra slack in the material on the water allows any additional weight to float instead of being supported completely by the tracks and pulley system. When the pool is correctly filled and the system installed correctly, the cover can handle several full-grown adults and the weight of a single child is no problem at all.

Using a pool cover by Coverstar will regularly result in a temperature increase of 10 to 15 degrees during the swimming season. This will help extend the pool season especially in those regions that battle the cooler spring nights and crisp autumn evenings at either end of the season. As previously stated, a cover being used can significantly reduce wear and tear on pool heating and pool pump systems as well as using less chemicals and less need for refilling your pool water from evaporation.

An auto cover has several different systems that are used depending on the pool. An encapsulated track is one of these. It is built into the walls of the pool and the mechanics are located underground. This has become the most popular system in today’s day and age by far. Within this system there are a couple of different setups including the Under-Track System and the Top Track Recessed Mechanism. It’s also possible to fit an existing pool with an auto cover. These are typically called Deck Mount Systems and they attach entirely on the pool deck surface. Within limits, the shape of the pool is not important, so deck mount systems can be installed on free form pools, as well as pools with end or side swim outs. The main requirement is the space to install the two parallel tracks that the cover travels in.

Coverstar covers are constructed from quality materials. The sliders are nearly impossible to break, they have a very large wear area and in turn, a long life. The standard electric gear motors are manufactured in a “can of epoxy” giving them excellent resistance to water. The motor will work while, and even after, the mechanism enclosure is temporarily flooded. The hardened steel shaft and oil bathed gears have an outstanding record of reliability in the field. The rope pulleys are constructed from stainless steel and designed specifically for these systems. The mechanism pulleys measure two inches and are more than forgiving to the ropes used with them. As an upgrade, a 6-inch extruded clear anodized roll up tube is available. Recommended for salt water pools, indoor pools, commercial applications, or when just the best is wanted, they are anodized for super resistance to corrosion. The entire system is designed to allow for extensive disassembly, lubrication, and service as is needed. Lastly, the cover is easily cleaned with some mild soap and water, and can be brushed with a pool brush if desired.

From start to finish, either opening or closing a pool with this cover takes less than a full minute. Our team would be happy to answer any questions on auto covers or anything else pool related. Contact us here or stop by one of our retail locations.