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Dolphin C7 Commercial Pool Cleaner

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/01/2020

Dolphin C7 Commercial Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin C7 commercial pool cleaner is ideal for swimming pools up to 105 feet long. This robot, just like the entire Dolphin C-Series is very easy to use and very easy to maintain. It expertly cleans floors, walls, and waterline with durable tracks, a powerful 360-degree dual drive, and large capacity scrubbing brushes for collection of heavy-duty dirt. Its rugged, cost effective, and designed to work with almost no human intervention.

The C7 boasts dual-layer filtration and is able to handle rough, fine, and ultra-fine dirt for clog-free, highly efficient filtration. All robots in the C-Class come with a remote control providing you the ability to manually direct the robot over any spots that need extra attention. Dirty pools are truly no match for a Dolphin. Regardless of shape, size, and any obstacles  the C7 is ready to go.

To use just simply plug-in, press power and go. When finished, just open, remove and rinse filters clean. Basic operation really is that simple. Dolphins use CleverClean Smart Navigation to ensure complete pool coverage, this way the most efficient routes are mapped and obstacles are quickly navigated with a quick return to cleaning route. Included is the patented Dolphin Swivel technology that stops the power cord from tangling ensuring that the robot stays on track and makes the most out of its in-water cleaning time.

The Dolphin C Class comes with a limited 2-year warranty covering parts and labor. The best protection of any robotic pool cleaner on the market.