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Dolphin Filtration Baskets and Cartridges

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/28/2020

Dolphin Filtration Baskets and Cartridges

9991457-R1 Spring Filter Kit Assembly

For Use with the Following Models:

S300i, S200, Active 20, Active 30i, S300, Discovery, Premium, Quantum, Triton PS, Triton PS Plus

This basket is manufactured by Maytronics and it opens from the bottom. After using your robotic pool cleaner, you can remove all of the dirt and debris from the unit by opening the filter basket from the bottom.

9991463-ASSY Spring Cartridges

The “Spring Cleanup Cartridges” are easily changed simply by popping the used one out and replacing it with a newer one.

9991467-ASSY Ultra-Fine Cartridges

After the cartridges are installed, there is a basket installed in the center which keeps the cartridges intact and in place.

9991458-ASSY Ultra Fine Full Basket

9991457-ASSY Spring Full Basket

Really, it’s up to you how you purchase these items. You can either purchase the different basket types with the grids already inside or you can choose to use the same basket and switch out the filter grids based on the type of pool cleaning you are wanting your robot you undertake.

Maytronics also manufactures filtration baskets for their above ground pool models. Robots like the E10 or the S50 are popular.

Above Ground products include the following:

9991466-ASSY Spring Cartridges

9991467-ASSY Ultra-Fine Cartridge

9991459-ASSY Spring Full Basket

9991460-ASSY Ultra-Fine Full Basket

Other above ground robot models include: E20, Active 10, Seamaster CL, Prowler 910, S100, Izzy Climb, Echo, Z Fun, SL100, Cainan 1, Crossover, Energy C, Poolstyle