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Dolphin H50 Pool Cleaner With Caddy

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/09/2019

Dolphin H50 Pool Cleaner With Caddy

Dolphin H50 Pool Cleaner With Caddy

H 50 Model # 99996373-H50

The Dolphin H50 is a great entry level commercial robotic pool cleaner. Intended for businesses who want to save money on maintaining their pools. It’s “plug and play” meaning that there’s no installation or setup involved. The H 50 is ideal for swim facilities up to 50 feet, it has a lightweight design especially for a commercial cleaner, and included is the patented Dolphin Swivel technology that eliminates tangling of the power cord. There are also multiple cleaning cycle options available to suit your pool facility.

The H50 is able to achieve a deeper clean than a residential model as it features two brushes, durable tracks, plenty of suction, and an extra-large filter bag. This makes this robot perfect for hotels, spas, sports centers, institutions, and resorts creating an easier and economical way to keep their pools clean. For an entry-level commercial robot, the H 50 model is very reasonably priced while attacking tough dirt, debris, and particulates. It is 8X more energy efficient than suction and pressure cleaners reducing energy use and strain on the pool pump.

On-board Cleverclean is advanced scanning technology helping to ensure complete cleaning coverage of the pool’s walls, floor, and waterline while taking the most efficient route. The vehicle is so smart, that it automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its route. Spot problem areas in your pool? The H 50 has a convenient remote control that enables you to take control of the cleaner if and when it’s needed.

The H50 operates on a dual drive system while the cleaning cycle for this robot is 3 hours helping minimize downtime and ensuring a cleaner and healthier swimming pool. It’s designed to use a large bottom load with a fine bag that can be cleaned and purchased separately if needed.

Like other Dolphin robots, the H50 moves on treads. They provide better traction than wheels. The dual drive motor can turn each tread independently from the other. That makes it possible for the H50 to turn within a very tight radius. It can make a full 360-degree turn no matter where it is in the pool. This improves mobility, ensures complete pool coverage and helps the H50 escape obstacles.

Included with purchase is a caddy used for storage and transporting along with a 1-year limited warranty.