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Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/06/2020

Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Oasis Z5i

The Dolphin Oasis Z5i provides convenient and complete pool cleaning on-demand. It’s ideal for inground pools up to 50 feet in length and equipped with a dual drive motor allowing for 360 degree turning. This turning ability allows for quick and accurate maneuverability and, in turn, complete cleaning coverage regardless of the shape of the pool.

This automatic pool cleaner is literally “drop and go” as its single button plug and play is easy to use delivering a complete clean that drives pool confidence. It’s very easy to set your robot’s weekly scheduler so that the robot cleans when you want it to. Through the power supply, select every day, every other day, or even every 3 rd day if you desire. You can even connect the robot to your smartphone through Bluetooth using the MyDolphin ™ app. and instruct to clean whenever you want.

This vehicle is built upon the most reliable Dolphin platform that exists. For improved navigation, the Oasis Z5i moves on treads rather than wheels. These treads give the moving robot more grip on slippery surfaces and are especially helpful when driving up the pool walls. Relying on two individual drive motors, the robot can turn on a dime and negotiate any type of obstacles that you could ever think of or throw at it.

The Z5i uses two heavy duty scrubbing brushes to attack dirt and fight debris. Powerful suction and filtration combine with oversized cartridge filters and a maximum suction rate trapping leaves and finer dirt and debris particles. By separating the large and fine debris the machine is actually helping itself by eliminating any possibility of clogging. Utilizing this cleaning mechanism allows for the pool floor, walls, and waterline to be sparkling clean in as little as 2.5 hours.

Dolphin Oasis Z5i

The Oasis Z5i is equipped with CleverClean™ Technology, a scanning and mapping software that allows the robot to calculate the most efficient route around your pool. The Z5i uses split brushes on both the front and back as they work in tandem with the dual commercial drive motors. The robot can pivot turn and doesn’t need room or time to make long arching turns. A 60’ floating cable with swivel is used to counter any tangle issues.

Top load access means the days of having to turn the robot over to empty it are all done. The larger filter size also increases time needed between emptying (it doubles the capacity to be exact). All you have to do is push a button and the filters slide out of the top of the machine. It’s as simple as that. Included with the robot are two filter sets, one is coarse and the other is ultra-fine

The Z5i scrubs and vacuums the entire pool and easily replaces any pool cleaning service that you may have. If anything, because of its efficiencies, it cleans better than a human could while reducing pool chemicals and pool ownership costs. The Dolphin Oasis Z5i consumes an average of 5 cents of energy per hour and is 8 times more energy efficient than suction and pressure cleaners.

The Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner will provide you with reliable, convenient, and energy efficient pool cleaning which is backed by a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty. Setup the power station near the pool, plug it in and put the robot in the water. Press the on button and the robot does the rest. It’s that simple.