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Dolphin Triton PS 99996207-US

Published by Matt Fichera on 06/26/2020

Dolphin Triton PS 99996207-US

The  Dolphin Triton PS is for inground swimming pools measuring up to 50 feet in length. It will clean your pool floor, walls, and cove. It is self-programming and scrubs everything in as little as 2 hours. The cartridge system is top access. It includes an easy-to-clean, extra-large, cartridge filter system with top access and (2) sets of cartridges for fine and ultra-fine debris.

Just like most Maytronics pool robots, the Triton PS is plug-n-play which means you only have to plug it in, turn it on, and watch it work. Gone are the days of needing to perform pre-installation procedures or even worry about hooking it into the pool’s systems. The Dolphin Triton has a programmable weekly timer, a 60 ft. cable with a swivel to alleviate tangling.

The PowerStream technology that is used by this robot provides enhanced pinpoint turning and climbing abilities for a deeper clean. The active scrubbing brush on board spins at a rate that is twice that of the machine helping the robot power through debris.

The  Dolphin Triton PS costs 5 cents per hour to operate and less than 15 cents to complete the entire swimming pool. The robot weighs 16 pounds and has a convenient pool water release system that empties water from the robot as you are picking it up out of the pool.

Complete with a 24-month warranty including parts and labor, the Dolphin Triton is a great pool robot selection.

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