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​Dolphin Wave Robotic Pool Cleaners - 3 Models, 1 Solution for Easy Commercial Pool Maintenance

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 01/23/2019

​Dolphin Wave Robotic Pool Cleaners - 3 Models, 1 Solution for Easy Commercial Pool Maintenance

**Updated for 2022 and beyond, Maytronics now offers many new Wave models, with some being for internet sale!

Check those out at this link:

Are you involved in the monumental task of maintaining a commercial pool? There are countless serious concerns and issues, but I’m sure you don’t need us telling you what those many challenges are! You know them too well. If anything you’re looking for solutions that give you an edge by saving time, labor, or resources.

Maytronics Wave 200

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we have 3 different model robotic pool cleaners that help you meet some of those challenges – the Wave 100, Wave 150 and Wave 200. These robotic cleaners don’t just vacuum - there are countless other benefits to help you properly maintain your commercial pool. Here is a list of just some of the main benefits that a Wave commercial robotic pool cleaner can offer you:

-Systematic patterned vacuuming removes medium and fine debris out of the pool.

-Brushes surfaces during operation which helps prevent and control algae and bacteria. Brushes spin at 1.5 times the unit speed meaning there is constant active brushing on all surfaces.

- Increased water filtration due to high flow rate of all 3 units. Ike adding another filter and pump to your pool!

- Helps reach dead spots or problem areas that normal filtration and pool flow often miss.

- User friendly controls with preset cleaning times and systematic patterned options for “whole pool clean”.

- Patented swivel cable prevents kinking and tangling , making usage and cord storage a breeze.

-Gyroscopic equipped units allow for steady constant tracking in the pool, meaning you won’t miss a spot.

-Low voltage operation translates to extremely low cost operation of the unit – just pennies per hour to run!

-Lifts and circulates chemicals that lay dormant on the pool bottom, meaning more efficient use of chemicals.

Maytronics Wave 100

Although there are many similarities between the Wave 100, Wave 150 and Wave 200, there are a few differences worth noting. See chart below for some important differences and features.

Wave 100 Wave 150 Wave 200
Ideal for pools up to the following size Up to 32’X82’ Up to 105’ Up to 105’
Cable length 115 feet 115 feet 115 feet
Suction Rate 75 gallons per minute 75 gallons per minute 150 gallons per minute
Size/Type of filtration 70 & 50 micron filter bag Top-load filter basket Top-load filter basket
Weight 29 lbs. 55 lbs. 52 lbs.
Available cycle times 4, 6 & 8 hour 4, 5 & 6 hour 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, & 8 hour
Warranty Term 3 years/3000 hours on non-wear parts 3 years/3000 hours on non-wear parts 3 years/3000 hours on non-wear parts

All 3 of these units are great products and offer some incredible benefits to your commercial pool. Which one is right for you? Please feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to do a live demo for you on site. And now for a limited time we’re offering a free Taylor K-2006C test kit just for taking a test drive with us. Hope to hear from you soon!