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Easy Pool Maintenance for Beginners

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/18/2020

Easy Pool Maintenance for Beginners

Here are some easy weekly maintenance tips for a healthy and well functioning swimming pool.

Pump Basket / Skimmer Basket Cleaning

As part of regular pool maintenance cleaning of the pump basket should be done weekly. To accomplish this, please shut power to the pump. This can be accomplished either at the switch or on the main controls depending on your pool’s setup.

Go ahead and remove the lid from the pump strainer by turning counter-clockwise. At this point you can remove the pump basket from the strainer. After removing you can inspect for debris and clean it out if necessary. In our case we’re using a nearby water hose for cleaning.

You’ll want to put the basket back into the housing then put in place the rubber gasket which helps seal the lid. Sometimes you may need to use a bit of lubricant, (we would suggest  Lube Tube) to help place the gasket on the correct seating. Lastly put the lid back on and turn counter-clockwise to put in place.

Next, we’ll check the skimmer basket. Remove the lid and in our case remove the oil absorbing sponge product called “ Scumballs” and put off to the side. We offer a similar product called “ Scumbugs” that are easily found for sale on our website and in our retail locations. During this time the pump is remaining off so you are able to easily remove the skimmer basket. Take out any chlorine tablets that may be in the basket and put those off to the side as well. Clean the skimmer basket of all debris, inspect and place back into the skimmer. Don’t forget to also add back the chlorine tabs and Scumballs if you are using them.

Water Testing

Testing your water yourself can be accomplished using testing strips. In this video we are using the Lamotte Insta-3 Test Strip. We have many different strips available for purchase and would be happy to assist you in selecting one. Take one of the strips and submerge in the pool water. Give a good swirl then promptly remove it. Coming on the side of the bottle is a handy measuring guide to assist you in optimizing your water by matching the color results to it. In this video we are testing for chlorine (1.0), alkalinity (80), and pH (7.2). As a result of this test we now know that this water is in great shape.

Let’s Review 3 Easy Weekly Pool Checks:

Check and clean Pump Basket:

Check and clean Skimmer Basket:

Use Test Strips to test pool water:

Any questions? Contact us. We’d be glad to help!