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Elevating Spa Relaxation with Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules

Published by Monique on 01/01/2024

Elevating Spa Relaxation with Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules

In the pursuit of true relaxation, maintaining a clean and sanitized spa environment is paramount. Leisure Time®, a leader in spa care innovation for over 35 years, has developed the Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules to simplify this process and help you enjoy a more rejuvenating spa experience.

These specialized, concentrated dichlor granular chlorine granules are formulated specifically for hot spa water, providing effective sanitization and shocking capabilities. The fast-acting formula works quickly to eliminate bacteria, organic material, and algae, ensuring your spa water remains crystal clear and inviting.

Using Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules is a straightforward process. Simply add 1/2 oz. of the granules per 500 gallons of water in your spa, allowing 5 minutes for the granules to dissolve. Then, test the water's chlorine residual, which should read between 2 and 3 ppm (parts per million). If the level is not within this range, add additional granules until it is.

Once the chlorine residual is in the desired range, you can safely enter your spa or hot tub and enjoy the benefits of a clean, sanitized soak. Leisure Time® provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions, making the entire process convenient and hassle-free for spa owners.

Available in both 2 lb. and 5 lb. packages, Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules are EPA-approved and designed to maintain clean, sanitized water in your spa. With this innovative solution, you can elevate your spa experience and immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation, free from the worries of complex water maintenance.

Discover the convenience and peace of mind that Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules provide, and indulge in the tranquility of a clean, rejuvenating spa session. This product, along with Leisure Time's full range of innovative spa care solutions, is available at EZ Pool & Spa Supply, your trusted source for all your spa needs.