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Energy Efficient Infusion V-Fittings

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/14/2019

Energy Efficient Infusion V-Fittings

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Infusion Pool Products truly are revolutionizing the movement to “Go Green” within the swimming pool industry. These Venturi Driven Return Line Inlet Fittings are called V-Fittings, and they are all about saving you money and improving water quality for the life of the pool.

These fittings help to increase and optimize flow by taking the pool water that is closest to the surface and forcing it downwards towards the floor. This action results in a larger amount of water being moved in the pool helping to maximize deep heating and overall circulation. Choosing to go with V-Fittings helps to save energy (and in turn, money) through decreased pool heater and pump operating times.

Innovative design solutions such as these are having a large effect on the environment by contributing to the larger effort of reducing greenhouse gasses. Increased water circulation will also help in decreasing the amount of pool chemicals that are required to regularly maintain your pool as the chemicals used will be more evenly dispersed over time.

Venturi enhanced circulation also helps to disrupt sediment building up on the side walls and floor which, in turn, helps both the pool filter and chemicals work more efficiently. These V-Fittings also can target dead spots like benches and steps which help decrease the chance for algae growth. They also have a say in assisting skimmers and automatic pool cleaners while helping to sweep things toward the main drain.

Though returns have traditionally been placed 12 to 18 inches below the water’s surface, more professionals are recommending that they be installed closer to the floor. The idea really got its start in the 1980s when an inventor named Mark Urban created a floor jet with the main purpose of introducing heated water at the floor. The idea was easily understood in that heat enters through the bottom of the pool and will rise to the top making the water temperature more consistent and eliminate layering.

For many reasons, this was slow to catch on but emphasis has been renewed in the past decade with the focus on saving energy and becoming greener. The concept of lower return lines can actually help to send dirty water toward the skimmer. As the clean water enters from a lower point, it can work to push the dirtier water upwards. Lower returns also make for more efficient skimming and filtration, and may reduce the number of daily turnovers required.

V-Fittings create additional value by helping to craft a more soothing environment as they are completely adjustable and can be aimed toward the surface of the pool on hot summer days pushing the cooler water up to the surface, making the water more comfortable. This idea can also work in reverse and help to prolong pool season.

Infusion products work with many products and help to complement their performances. These include:

  • -Variable Speed and Multi-Speed Pool Pumps
  • -Automatic pool cleaners
  • -Solar systems, rings, and blankets
  • -Chemical and chemical applicators
  • -Pool filters and swimming pool skimmers
  • -Ozone and salt systems
  • -Pool designs featuring no main drains

In a very short amount of time, V-Fittings pay for themselves and more!