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Enjoy Kits for Easy Maintenance

Published by Brooke Sardella on 05/17/2022

Enjoy Kits for Easy Maintenance

What is the easiest way to enjoy your pool this summer? By using an  Enjoy kit!

What is Enjoy?

It is a monthly kit containing a low chlorine sanitizing alternative for above-ground and small inground pools. The kit uses mineral tablets and once-a-week shock packets to easily maintain water quality.

How does it work?

The mineral tablets contain the active ingredient silver which works as a passive sanitizer, keeping the water clean from day to day. These mineral tablets contain no chlorine and are why Enjoy is able to lower chlorine usage by up to 80%! You simply place the tablets in the skimmer to dissolve and they will last for one month. The once-a-week shock packet is similar to a normal pool shock you pour into the pool with a component that oxidizes contaminant build-up.

Enjoy Tips:

  • Enjoy kits come in a one-month supply for 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k and 30k gallon pools.
  • When testing your water, the chlorine reading with always test low or zero, since the weekly shock is the only chlorine being added to the water, while the minerals do the rest!
  • As with all sanitizing systems, you will need to maintain the proper pH and alkalinity.

Is Enjoy right for your pool?

If you have a smaller pool under 30,000 gallons, Enjoy kits can be a great sanitizing system for you! They are low maintenance, lowers chlorine chemicals, and is softer on the skin. One of the best parts is, unlike switching to a salt system or bromine, you do not need to drain your pool to begin using Enjoy!

We carry Enjoy kits in all available sizes from 10k to 30k gallons, as well as opening and closing kits for your pool!  Click here to find your Enjoy kit!