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EZ Spa - Spa Water Treatment

Published by Matt Fichera on 11/14/2019

EZ Spa - Spa Water Treatment

EZ Spa is a product that simplifies the water treatment process in your spa or hot tub. It comes packed with an oxidizer, a clarifying agent, scale inhibitor and water conditioner.  EZ Spa works wonders, oxidizing contaminants, inhibiting scale and foam, conditioning, clarifying, and maintaining water balance. You only have to use this sanitizer once a week as it reduces the cost of having to purchase individual chemicals, lessens some of the need for water testing, and produces superior water quality in your spa.

This specially blended formula manages spa water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day. Spa water, when treated with EZ Spa, is odor and foam free. It takes a proactive approach and prevents water issues instead of treating them on a reactive basis.

If you are looking to integrate EZ Spa into your spa water treatment plan, we suggest starting with fresh water and a clean filter for the most accurate water treatment results. If it is time to drain your spa, you should drain it prior to starting the EZ SPA program. If your spa water is under two months old, simply balance the water to the parameters provided on the label (also included below) and go ahead with using it. When you’re adding the product to the water, make sure that the pump(s) and jets are on and running so that the water is actively circulating. Add at a dose of 1 oz. per 100 gallons. For spas using ozone, mineral purifiers or salt add ½ oz per 100 gallons.

The manufacturer suggests testing the water monthly with the understanding that this frequency may need to change based on bather load and any refilling of the water. Always test before adding chemicals and circulate for 30 minutes before testing again. With typical usage, spas on this program should be drained about every 6-8 months. Spas not being treated with EZ SPA should be drained every 3-4 months, again, depending on usage.

It is not unusual for pH to drop slightly after adding EZ SPA. The buffers contained within it will typically adjust and raise pH levels within 24-48 hours. Another rule of thumb is to wash the spa’s cartridge filter once-a-week to maintain the finest water quality. It is not necessary to chemically clean or soak your cartridge when using EZ SPA.

EZ Spa prevents water problems like (foaming, odors, pH imbalance, cloudiness) before they happen. If you would like to learn more about using this product to keep your water in top shape, stop in, give us a call, on contact us here. We are always happy to answer your questions.