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Four Most Common Reasons for Filter Media to Flow Back into Your Pool

Published by Matt Fichera on 11/14/2019

Four Most Common Reasons for Filter Media to Flow Back into Your Pool

An issue that is common for pool owners is their filter media escaping from the filter itself and ending up in the swimming pool. A truly ugly situation, especially in the midst of a backyard gathering or pool party. With a few easy steps and some good practices and procedures set in place, you can avoid this from happening and relax on those warm summer days.

One reason for the filter media to escape is through a tear in the fabric of the internal grids. You should get in the habit of inspecting each grid for tears and signs of breaking down of the material or even the plastic core. You may have to replace the grid with a new one to solve the problem.

Second you will want to pay close attention to the Multiport Valve and if the Spider Gasket is damaged as this is another way that media could flow back into your pool. A common cause of damage to this gasket is failure of the operator to turn off the pool pump before moving the Multiport Handle.

Just like the internal grids can wear down, damage can occur to the manifold. If you have the filter open and apart, check the top of the manifold for cracks near or around the ports and the pipe connection. You may need to replace the top manifold if it becomes too damaged. Another place to look for problems is the manifold pipe which extend up from the side of the tank and connects to the top of the manifold. It would be a good idea to look for cracks or breaks there as well as to check the O-Ring toward the top of the pipe for both cracks and wear.

You should avoid adding too much of the media to the filter. It’s always good to check the owner’s manual, especially if it’s a new filter, to see what the manufacturer is suggesting as the recommended amount for use. A general rule of thumb is that Above Ground Pools hold 3 #1 cans of filter media and Inground pools take 6 #1 cans of that same filter media.

We hope that these tips can help to prevent filter media from escaping back into your pool. Any questions or concerns, we would be glad to help. Please reach out through our website or at one of our three retail locations.