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Get Rid of Hot Tub Rash

Published by Brooke Sardella on 09/14/2022

Get Rid of Hot Tub Rash

Spa hot tubs are relaxing for so many reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes your hot tub can cause you or your guests to feel rashes and skin irritation. There are a few key reasons why your hot tub would cause this. To prevent rashes from occurring, we first need to determine the cause!

Water Balance

A low pH or alkalinity reading is a sign the water in your hot tub is too acidic. Acidic water can cause mild irritations in some people like itchy calves and itchy backs, but can also escalate to a severe rash in some people with sensitive skin. Maintaining alkalinity and pH in proper ranges will prevent this.

Chemical Intolerance

Spas are sanitized using common chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and non-chlorine shock. These can cause rashes and irritations in certain people. There are a couple of ways to deal with chemical intolerance. You can try using different chemicals to rule out which one is causing you irritation. Using fewer chemicals may also help and switching to all natural products like spa marvel water treatment and conditioner, ozonators, UV light or minerals. These natural systems help clear the path for sanitizers, reducing the amount of sanitizer required to maintain proper balancing.

Pseudomonas Bacterium

This bacteria causes hot tub folliculitis. Poor sanitation practices are typically the cause of bacteria and will affect multiple bathers. You must decontaminate your spa to rid it of bacteria. This requires super chlorinating your hot tub for 72 hours with at least 20 parts per million of chlorine.

Sensitive Skin

Bathers with dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis are more likely to develop hot tub rash. If you or your guests struggle with these skin issues, a conditioner will reduce and eliminate many of the harsh chemicals used in traditional spa water care. This will also help the water feel silky and soft on the skin.


Some medications can cause hot tub rash. When soaking in hot water, this is particularly the case with some heart medications. Consult your physician to rule out if your medication could be causing your rash.

Hot Water

Intolerance to very hot water can cause rashes, too. Lowering the water temperature to 98 degrees or less can help to prevent this. Also try using them for shorter durations and/or taking a cool shower after you are done soaking.

Your spa hot tub is meant to help you relax, not feel discomfort! If you have any questions about getting to the bottom of this issue, you can contact us! We can answer questions about water balancing, product recommendations, etc.