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GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/27/2020

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

GLI is a manufacturer of quality pool products and it’s their mission to bring families together and keep them safe. A safety cover by GLI is a great first step in creating a backyard that is secure during the swimming pool offseason. Your backyard will look great, installation is easy, and with all of the latest technical and safety standards in place, they are strong enough to support the accidental intrusion of a child, stray animal, or even a large car. GLI is able to provide protection to some of the most difficult applications it truly is a full time off-season, lifeguard for your pool.

GLI offers several different types of inground pool safety covers:

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

ProMesh Safety Cover

The ProMesh Safety Cover provides the benefits of a solid safety cover but without the weight associated with it. Great for mid-spring openings and constructed from a unique weave of polypropylene mesh that works to keep out the UV rays that assist in the growth of algae. With limited to no sunlight being let into the pool, you will open to cleaner water come spring time. The ProMesh Safety Cover is almost 50% lighter than a solid cover which comes in handy with installation, removal, and storing during the summer months. Worried about the strength of a mesh cover? The ProMesh design is 75% more tensile strength than most competitor’s standard mesh designs. Included with this safety cover are commercial grade springs and a 15-year Limited Warranty.

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

HyPerLite™ Solid Safety Cover

The HyPerLite Solid Safety Cover is a great choice for yards that tend to accumulate lots of leaves and debris. To handle this, you will need the strongest and lightest solid safety cover available and you’ve come to the right place! These covers are crafted from polyester that is coated in PVC and is 30% lighter than standard solid covers while also being 50% more resistant to punctures. The HyPerLite also blocks sunlight completely which is advantageous for zero spring time algae growth when you open it up. GLI has a patented “Kleen-Screen” drain featured on this cover that drains water from the surface and filters out debris like dirt and leaves. This cover is also available with the Sure-Flo full length drain or in lieu of the drain you can utilize a pump. Helping to secure this safety cover are commercial grade springs and the whole thing has a 15-year warranty.

GLI Inground Pool Safety Covers

Secur-A-Pool® Mesh Safety Cover

The Secur-A-Pool works well for early spring openings and if you really tend to not accumulate large amounts of debris such as leaves and dirt or maybe you don’t completely have to winterize your pool based on your geographic location. In this case the Secur-A-Pool still provides you extra security of a safety cover with a higher weave count that brings extra strength and additional shading as well.

This safety cover is also made from Polypropylene Mesh that’s light weight and easy to handle including installation and removal. Any potential for standing water is easily eliminated because of the high-quality mesh that allows water and melting snow to simply drain right through while screening out any dirt in the process. This safety cover is tamper proof and needs the installation rod to remove and allow entry into the pool. Secur-A-Pool comes with a 12 Year Limited Warranty and improves the look and style of your pool during the off season.

Looking to secure your safety cover around protruding elements such as waterfalls and rock features without losing and of the security that your cover provides? Secur-A-Gap helps provide the perfect fit to go along with solutions like wall mount anchors to make covering even the oddest shapes and edges possible. Experiencing excessive wear to your cover? PROTECT-A-COVER™ padding is the ideal solution and can be easily added to any existing cover. Comes with clips to be easily attached to the underside of the Safety Cover, ensuring the padding stays in place all winter long.

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