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Go-Kits for Your Swimming Pool Pump: What Are They?

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/25/2020

Go-Kits for Your Swimming Pool Pump: What Are They?

What is a Go-Kit? If you are a swimming pool owner than this may be a question that you have asked before. A Go-Kit includes the specific gaskets and seals that you would be needing if you are looking to make a repair and/or a replacement on your pool pump or its motor.

GO stands for “Gasket and O-ring” which makes lots of sense based on what is included in the kits. These kits have been around for several decades with the idea of saving the consumer money instead of having to purchase each individual product by themselves. Purchasing this way takes the “guess work” out by providing assurance to the customer that they have all possible gaskets and quantities available for their model.

Items included in a typical Go-Kit include: the motor shaft seal, the pump housing gasket, the diffuser gasket, and the pump lid o-ring. Something to keep in mind when selecting a kit is that they are typically unique to the brand and model of the pump you have. Be sure to double check that they correspond before making your purchase.

A typical GO-KIT looks like the one pictured here for a Sta-Rite pump.

Go-Kit for a Swimming Pool

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It is recommended that if you are replacing your pump’s motor that you follow through and replace the shaft seal, the gaskets, and the O-rings. The reason being if you continue to use the older shaft seal the two will not line up correctly and you may have a leak. Any outstanding leaks may introduce water into the motor causing damage to the brand-new component.

It’s not uncommon to think that the shaft seal comes with the motor but it actually goes between the pump diffuser and the motor shaft. To determine the correct shaft seal for your pump you’ll need the pump manufacturer/model and/or the seal part number. You can determine these numbers in a couple of different ways. Take a look at your pool pump and if it has a label on the pump side near the strainer. Please not that this is different than the information on the actual motor. Another way is if you still have your pump owner’s manual containing a parts diagram or part list

The diffuser gasket should be replaced if you are replacing your pool pump motor. A bad housing gasket would cause water to spray out at a location between the pool pump housing and the motor assembly. This gasket is also included in the kit and best practices also dictate the need to replace this gasket if the pump motor is replaced. The lid O-Ring is another one that frequently gets worn down or can be stretched all of the way to the point that it is incapable of forming a tight seal and will need to be replaced. With some of these changes, there could be a need for lubricant. Many of the kits that we offer actually include it. In case yours doesn’t, or you need more, we sell several different brands including Lube Tube Multi-Purpose.

Lube Tube

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