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Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps

Published by Matt Fichera on 09/02/2020

Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps

Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps

The Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump saves you energy and money while also extending your pool season on both ends. This entire line is both quiet and economical, saving you up to an incredible 70% to 80% off on operating costs. Heat pumps use the outside air and pair that up with a titanium heat exchanger generating heat for your pool but at a small fraction of the cost of a gas/propane heater.

The HeatPro Heat Pump line features a heat exchanger made from titanium for excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance. Hayward’s exclusive “Ultra Gold” evaporator coil which is also resistant to corrosion coming in handy especially in coastal regions. Hayward heat pumps operate very quietly contributing very little noise to a relaxing backyard environment and are controlled through a very easy to use electronic temperature control.

The heat pump connections are 2 in. x 2.5 in. CPVC union plumbing connections which are common for installation or service while still retaining the ability to adapt to larger plumbing as is needed. The entire unit is light weight coming in at less than 250 lbs. These heat pumps have a round design making them easier to fit through gates and taking up less space on the equipment pad.

These heat pumps utilize very quiet scroll compressors, injection molded body panels which are UV-resistant and highly durable along with stainless steel hardware and a screen made from polyethylene to protect the evaporator coil and maintaining peak efficiency. Utilizing dual thermostats, these heat pumps produce consistently warm water, even when it’s cold outside. These heat pumps are both easy to install and easy to service making them a great choice new pools or improving upon the one you already have.

There are many different features on the Hayward Heat Pro line but don’t forget about the warranties as well. Starting with a 2 Year Warranty on manufacturer defects then a 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor and an amazing 10 Year Warranty on the Titanium Tube.

Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps are lightweight, compact and easy to install and service, making them ideal for new pools or enhancing the one you already have. Don't let cold water delay or end your swimming fun. In selecting a Heat Pro Heat Pump, you have chosen an alternative way to heat your pool that is safe, reliable, energy efficient, and environmentally conscious. Your water will be at your ideal temperature throughout the season and beyond.

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