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Heat & Cool with a HeatPro Pump

Published by Brooke Sardella on 03/04/2022

Heat & Cool with a HeatPro Pump

Don’t let inconvenient temperatures keep you from enjoying your pool! Whether it is too hot or cold outside, a HeatPro heat pump will easily transform your water to the perfect temperature.

Heat pumps are the only way you can both heat and cool your pool using the same convenient system, all while saving up to 70% energy compared to a gas heater. This  heating/cooling feature works well especially in areas of excessive heat like southern Texas or Arizona, so you can create a refreshingly cool pool. There are so many features to take advantage of as these heat pumps are efficient by utilizing heat from the air rather than by burning costly fuel.

Unfortunately, one of the main downsides of heat pumps is that they are best used at temperatures above 50°F. The HeatPro pump is different in being able to excel in temperatures as low as 40°F. Even at low temperatures, a heat pump will be a great addition to your pool system because you can use it in tandem with a standard gas heater. This means, you can use the heat pump daily when temps are above 40°F, then switch over to the heater for an added boost when the temperature drops.

Why HeatPro?

  • Saltwater and chemical corrosion resistant
  • Energy-efficient titanium heat exchanger
  • "Ultra Gold" evaporator coil
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Lightweight under 250 lbs.
  • Works in temps as low as 40°F
  • UV resistant casing
  • Heating/cooling models available

HeatPro pumps are designed to be saltwater and chemical corrosion resistant with an energy-efficient titanium heat exchanger and “Ultra Gold” evaporator coil. These features will ensure durability, so your heat pump will work for years to come. They are also ultra-quiet which maintains a peaceful backyard environment and efficiently reduces energy costs up to 70%.

Here at E-Z Test Pools, we stand behind great products and the HeatPro Heat Pumps is no exception. We carry multiple models including the 95,000 BTU and 140,000 BTU options to suit a range of pool sizes. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your pool longer with the Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump.