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How to Choose the Right Above Ground Pool for Your Backyard

Published by Anthony on 05/12/2024

How to Choose the Right Above Ground Pool for Your Backyard

Consider the Available Space

Adding an above ground pool to your backyard is an exciting project that can provide years of fun and memories for you and your family. With so many different sizes, shapes, and features available, selecting the perfect above ground pool can feel overwhelming. But don't worry, we're here to help guide you through the process step-by-step.

First, consider the amount of space you have available in your backyard. Measure the area where you plan to install the pool, making sure to account for any local regulations or homeowners association rules about pool placement and clearance from property lines. Above ground pools come in many different diameters from just 12 feet for smaller yards up to over 33 feet for larger spaces.

Intended Pool Use and Size

Next, think about who will be using the pool. If it's just for adults, a smaller more compact size may work. But if you have kids or plan to entertain, you'll likely want a larger pool to accommodate more swimmers comfortably. The pool's height is another factor - taller pools (52" and 56") allow for deeper water depths that are better for diving. If you're replacing an older pool with an existing deck, chances are it might be 48" tall in which case you would want to replace it with another 48" tall pool

Set Your Budget

Your budget is also an important consideration when choosing an above ground pool package. Costs can vary depending on the size of the pool, the thickness of the liner, the size of the filter and pump, the construction materials, and any additional accessories. Determine how much you can realistically invest not just in the initial pool purchase, but the installation and ongoing maintenance as well.

Pool Construction Material

In terms of pool construction material, the two most common options are traditional resin (plastic hardened with fiberglass) or metal-walled pools made from aluminum or galvanized steel. Resin is lighter and less expensive upfront while metal offers more durability and sturdiness, especially for larger pools over 24 feet. Metal pools tend to last longer but require more maintenance to prevent corrosion or rust.

The Convenience of All-Inclusive Pool Packages

One option that can make the entire process much easier is to purchase an all-inclusive above ground pool package. EZ Pool & Spa Supply offers a wide range of complete pool kits online with pumps, filters, ladders, liners and all the needed equipment bundled together. You can easily browse the different package options for every budget and backyard size.

The big advantage of buying an above ground pool package from EZ Pool & Spa Supply is the convenience factor. Just select your desired pool size and configuration, checkout online, and the entire kit will be shipped directly to your door for simple installation whenever you're ready. No need to source each component separately or trek to multiple stores and pool suppliers.

Making the Choice Simple

Picking out the right above ground pool doesn't have to be difficult if you make a plan and prioritize your needs. Once you've settled on the basic parameters of size, construction material, and any upgraded features, you can effortlessly find the perfect all-inclusive package match through the huge selection at If you have any questions, our friendly staff is available by phone, email, or chat. Soon you'll be splashing and relaxing in your brand new backyard oasis!