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How To Fix My Dolphin Power Supply

Published by Makayla Ruth on 01/18/2022

How To Fix My Dolphin Power Supply

The Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics is a useful and effective tool that saves you time and energy by making your pool cleaning process faster and easier. Today we are going to troubleshoot how to fix your Dolphin Pool Robotic Cleaner if its  Power Supply Unit ( PSU) isn’t working properly.

What To Do If Your Power Supply Unit Doesn’t Turn On

Check the GFI outlet: Confirm the outlet is receiving power by connecting another device, such as (a phone charger, lamp, etc).

Unplug the BLUE CABLE from the Power Supply Unit: If the outlet is receiving power; unplug the blue cable from the power supply unit, and turn it on. If the PSU turns on and the lights stay on, the problem is not with the PSU.

There may be a problem with the blue cable or the Dolphin cleaner itself. Contact EZ Pool & Spa Supply, we are an authorized Maytronics dealer and repair center.

Replace the Power Supply: If your power supply unit’s “POWER/ON” button does not light up at all, you may need a replacement power supply. Browse Maytronics Dolphin Power Supply Units

What To Do If Your Dolphin Power Supply Turns On, But The Dolphin Does Not Move?

Check the Cable: If the Dolphin doesn’t move at all, there could be a problem with your cable.

Check Drive Train and Impeller: If your Dolphin moves a little, then stops (anywhere from a few feet to a few minutes) there could be an obstruction somewhere in the drive train or around the impeller.

  1. Unplug the cleaner. Visually inspect the cleaner; especially around the impeller and around the tracks / brushes. If any debris is visible, remove it. Make sure the impeller blades are not broken.
  2. Turn the cleaner over and rotate the brushes by hand. They should move freely with little resistance. If not, or you feel or hear a clicking / popping sound, there may be an obstruction not visible in the tracks.
  3. Using a water-jet sprayer setting, hose the tracks thoroughly from front to back to loosen any clogged debris or lodged objects.

Out-of-Water Self-Test: If the cleaner still does not move, perform an Out-of-Water Self-Test:

  1. Turn the cleaner upside down on dry land and turn the power supply ON.
  2. The impeller fan should spin for 10-15 seconds (you’ll hear a soft, high-pitched whine), and the tracks should move forward, then reverse and go backward.
  3. Turn the unit OFF.

If it can perform these steps, try it in the pool again. If you cannot perform these steps, EZ Pool & Spa Supply is here to help, we are an authorized Maytronics dealer and also repair Maytronic products.

If you are using an extension cord, unplug it: Plug the Power Supply Unit directly into a GFI outlet. Note: The Dolphin is not designed to be used with an extension cord, surge protectors, or any other electrical component other than originally manufactured by Maytronics.

Contact EZ Pool & Spa Supply: If your cleaner is still not operating properly, contact us and we can help diagnose the issue!

Our team at EZ Pool & Spa Supply would be happy to assist you with any other questions that you may have!