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How to Install a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/19/2022

How to Install a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

Our 20’ x 40’ pool is ready to have the pool liner installed that we measured for in our  previous video and accompanying blog.

The pool has been drained and the old liner has been pulled out and removed. The  foam on the pool bottom in the shallow end is easily pulled away and discarded. Please note that this pool has a gunite bottom made of sand and cement. These types of bottoms are very strong and this one has held up well. There’s not much finishing work needed as it’s in great shape.

Excess pool water in the deep end from when the liner was removed is pumped out, while debris is also being vacuumed up. The main drain is cleared of all dirt and debris such as algae.

The side walls of the pool also have new wall foam put in place that works as a protective barrier for the new liner.

Next up, as seen in the video, we’re laying down new foam in the shallow end and cutting several lengths of foam long enough to cover the width of the pool in strips. This is done so that bathers have a cushion on their feet when they walk in the low end of the pool. The foam also protects from any spots that may develop which could come up through the underside of the liner.

We’re also simultaneously preparing the light located on the deep end wall.

Spray tack, is added to the shallow end pool bottom. The foam is placed securely as an added layer between the pool bottom and the new liner. The edges of the foam are then duct taped down to help create a smooth surface.

We’re patching the pool bottom, but because it’s made of gunite, there isn’t much to repair. A  D.E. powder is then used to coat the deep end bottom filling in any imperfections.

After prep is completed, we start to set the liner. This happens from the low end to the deep end. A vacuum is also setup that pulls all of the air out helping to eliminate wrinkles and assists in holding the liner in place. Our team also smooths out additional wrinkles by hand both on the bottom and the walls. The cut out for the pool stairs is also prepared.

The gaskets and faceplate are reattached to the main drain. This will also be done for the light and skimmer openings.

Our team works to iron out and smooth any remaining wrinkles and lastly, we’re adding water and filling the pool back up, ready to swim again.