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How To Size Your Gas Pool Heater

Published by Makayla Ruth on 12/07/2021

How To Size Your Gas Pool Heater

Finding the Correct Size Gas Heater

Making the choice to heat your pool via a gas heater is a great option when choosing a pool heater. Gas heaters consist of many positive aspects, including:

  • Less Expensive
  • Maintain Water Temperature in Any Weather
  • Fast Heat Up
  • Less to Installation Costs

Now that you know that you are ready to purchase a gas heater, it is smart to figure out which size works best with your pool. Below is a simple plug-in equation for pool owners to use when determining the size needed for their gas pool heater. 

1. Find the Surface Area (Best for Maintenance Heating)

(Pool Length x Pool Width = Surface Area)

2. Calculate the Temperature Differential

Desired Water Temperature – Average Ambient Air Temp= Temperature Differential

Let’s do an example together:

1. Find The Surface Area

Let’s say you have a 16’ by 32’ foot pool, the surface area of the pool (pool length x pool width) would be 512 feet.

2. Find the Temperature Differential

Say, you want your ideal pool temperature to be 80 degrees, and you live in New Hampshire where the average temperature in September is 70 degrees. The temperature differential (desired water temperature – average ambient air temperature) would be 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Now, refer to this chart below to determine the required BTU. You will need your surface area, and your temperature differential.

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