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In Season Rebate on the Polaris 3900! Get $125 Back Through September 5, 2022!

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/28/2022

In Season Rebate on the Polaris 3900! Get $125 Back Through September 5, 2022!

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on the latest most technologically advanced pressure-side pool cleaner available while also getting $125 back in your pocket. The 3900 from Polaris delivers unmatched power, convenience, and performance to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean all summer long. This is a great deal!

Great Features of the 3900

Polaris pool cleaners have taken their classic pressure side cleaner series and added new features while remaining on the cutting edge of technology. The Polaris 3900 Sport is a pressure-side pool cleaner reimagined. New features allow for every ounce of vacuum power and drive torque. What does this mean for you, the pool owner? It means a vehicle that encounters fewer hang-ups and a vehicle that gets the job done in less time while remaining super-efficient in the process. The 3900 has PosiDrive which is an all-wheel drive operating system with a stainless-steel drive chain that delivers 50% more torque. This increase in torque brings more performance along with a SuperBag that has two chambers for picking up and storing dirt and debris. Using the 3900 makes cleaning less frequent and way more efficient. The TailSweep Pro is a very distinguishable feature that works in conjunction with the main suction line to remove debris from the corners, alcoves, and other places which are hard to reach. It also keeps water from spraying outside the pool, eliminating wet windows and walkways.

Polaris 3900 Sport

What is the Polaris 3900?

Known as a “pressure side cleaner” the 3900 has the most suction power of any Polaris pool cleaning product within its class. It connects to the pool through a dedicated return line and requires a separate booster pump to run. Debris gets collected into the filter bag that’s attached to the moving vehicle so it does not enter the pool’s own filter system. These types of cleaners feature an extra wide vacuum opening for ease in the removal of large items like pebbles, twigs, leaves, acorns, and anything else that may have fallen into your pool. The 3900 supplements the pool’s filter system by efficiently dispersing 40 gallons of clean water per minute throughout the swimming pool as it moves around. Only simple and routine emptying of the debris from the storage bag is needed.

Can the Polaris 3900 Work with My Pool?

Wondering if the Polaris 3900 can work in your pool? Have no fear. If your pool has what is called a “dedicated return line” then all you need is a booster pump and you are ready to rock and roll. Utilizing a booster pump relies on it drawing its water from the pool circulation and pushing it back toward the pool via the dedicated cleaner line to which the cleaning unit is connected. These booster pumps, such as the Polaris PB4-60, require very little maintenance but cannot be turned on unless the pool’s pump is running. A booster pump lacks the ability to self-prime and relies on the pool’s pump to keep it primed. If your pool has this type of plumbing, and a cleaner and clearer pool in less time is what you desire, then a Polaris 3900 would be a great choice for you.

How Do I Receive My Polaris 3900 Rebate?

To receive your rebate you will need to register your cleaner at:

Fill out the forms located there. This form must be submitted within 30 days of original purchase to be eligible to qualify for a rebate. If you need help, please call our support team at (800) 822-7933 or email

Missing warranty card or want to check status? or call 800.822.7933. Please see FAQs on the website before calling.

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