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Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean Has Never Been Easier With The Cordless INOPOOL Dash!

Published by Monique on 05/21/2024

Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean Has Never Been Easier With The Cordless INOPOOL Dash!

If you have an in-ground or above-ground pool up to 600 square feet, the INOPOOL Dash Rechargeable Cordless Robotic Cleaner is about to become your new best friend this swimming season. This innovative cleaner takes the hassle out of maintaining a pristine pool by doing all the hard work for you. Let the Dash do its thing while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your backyard oasis.

The Dash is completely cordless and runs on a powerful 5,200 mAh lithium battery, allowing it to clean your entire pool in 80 minutes or less on a single charge. Its programmed path cleaning system ensures comprehensive coverage as it systematically navigates the pool floor and walls. Dual filtration down to 10 microns captures every last leaf, twig, dust particle, sand grain, and dead algae spec.

While the Dash is highly efficient at scouring every inch of your pool's liner, gunite, or fiberglass surface, it's also incredibly user-friendly and lightweight at just 8.5 lbs. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the auto-parking feature conveniently positions the Dash along the pool wall for easy retrieval with the included telescopic pole hook.

Don't spend another summer slogging away with a manual pool vacuum when the INOPOOL Dash can do a better job in a fraction of the time. With its 18-month warranty, you can trust this powerful robotic cleaner to deliver hassle-free, superior pool cleaning for years to come.

The INOPOOL Dash Rechargeable Cordless Robotic Cleaner is available now at EZ Pool & Spa Supply, your one-stop shop for all your swimming pool needs. Order yours today and let the Dash give you more free time to enjoy a sparkling clean pool this season!