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Leaving Automatic Pool Cleaner in the Pool

Published by Brooke Sardella on 08/01/2022

Leaving Automatic Pool Cleaner in the Pool

One of the main perks of owning a robotic pool cleaner is the ability to “set it and forget it”. You barely need to lift a finger and you will come home to a sparkling clean pool. It's easy to forget to take your robot out of the water between cleanings, but what will happen if your robot gets too much pool time?

Chemical Damage

Your refreshing pool needs a lot of care to stay clear and you stay on top of your chemicals to make sure it does. Even if your chemistry is perfectly in balance, chlorine is naturally corrosive and poses a threat to your automatic cleaner. Even your daily application of chlorine can eat away at the robot’s tracks, wheels, cord, and housing. Just imagine what happens when your water receives a shock!

Having unbalanced pH and Total Alkalinity can also cause damage to your cleaner. This is why testing your water and balancing your chemicals is so important! You should be doing this each time you put your robot into the pool. Each time you take it out, give your robot a quick freshwater rinse to get rid of any chemical residue.

Protect Swimmers

Robotic cleaners including suction side cleaners and pressure cleaners, pose a threat to swimmers because of their long hoses and cords. Leaving your cleaner in the pool could entangle a swimmer, especially those new to swimming or pets. Leaving your cleaner in the pool is not worth the risk!

Forgetting Maintenance

Automatic cleaners are so easy to use, that you will easily forget they are working to clean your pool. Letting your robot sit in the pool doesn't give you the ability to routinely check it out for any repairs it may need.

Taking your robot out of the water gives you the opportunity to clean out the filter and inspect it for damages. This way, your robot will be safe from a clogged filter, broken wheels, and other issues that can cause your cleaner to work in overdrive.

If you have a Dolphin robotic cleaner, it is especially easy to take your unit out of the pool with the Dolphin Universal Pro Caddy! The robot will sit securely on the caddy, along with the power supply and cord, so you can wheel it around the pool area and store it with ease!

Voided Warranty

It’s probably written in the fine print of your robots owners manual that the manufacturer's warranty will be voided due to damage from water chemical imbalance or lack of maintenance. Don’t make this mistake and have to replace your robot or make costly repairs!


The sun brings life to everything but could be the end of your robot. Leaving it exposed in a sunny pool all day long can easily fade, dry out and crack parts quickly. This is also why you should invest in a cover to protect your robot even when it is out of the pool.

Storms can also pose a threat to your cleaner because heavy rain will throw off your water chemistry and cause that chemical damage we talked about at the beginning of this article. Strong storm winds also blow debris in the pool that can break your robot. It may seem like the odds are slim, but stranger things have happened!

Don’t Neglect Your Robot!

It's easy to leave your robot behind while you’re enjoying the summer fun, we get it! So, just because you can technically leave it in the pool, don't neglect your robot! Set a reminder in your phone to take it out after it’s done cleaning if you need to. You will be protecting your worthwhile investment and setting yourself up for many seasons of cleaning with your pool robot.