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Light Up the Night with GloBrite by Pentair

Published by Brooke Sardella on 07/26/2022

Light Up the Night with GloBrite by Pentair

Light up the night with GloBrite lights by Pentair and illuminate your pool to make your nighttime swims more beautiful and exhilarating. GloBrite lights are unique in the way they can be set in shallow water to highlight your pool's most stunning features such as baja shelves, bars, beach entries, and steps.

Utilizing the industry’s most advanced technology, these lights are bright and energy efficient, using 18% less energy compared to other shallow water pool lights. GloBrite white lights are equivalent to 190W of incandescent light and they can be used in as little as 4” of water. They come with extended service life, along with two dimming levels.

Quick and easy to install, these lights do not require grounding or bonding and can be placed in fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl pools. Depending on your pools material, your lights will need to be housed in different niches that fit snugly in the side walls to create a cohesive look. We carry niches for vinyl, fiberglass and gunite pools.

GloBrite lights are compatible with Pentair's IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® control systems. This means, they can be used alongside your existing pool lights to highlight features that your other lights such as the Pentair Microbrite and Intellibrite cannot illuminate. You can go for a soft white look in your water or opt for 5 brilliant colors with 7 preprogrammed light shows with the Color Sync Controller.

You can also create custom programs and control light shows from home or on the go with our many options, including an indoor control panel, wireless remote, and ScreenLogic® Interface for your Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® mobile digital devices, PC or Mac® computer.

When the sun goes down, don't let it stop you from enjoying your pool. You can create the ultimate outdoor space and enjoy your pool under the night sky with Pentair GloBrite lights.

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