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Lube Tube Pool & Spa | Lubricant - Sealant

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/08/2021

Lube Tube Pool & Spa | Lubricant - Sealant

Lube Tube is an environmentally safe, multi-purpose lubricant and sealant. It works extremely well with swimming pool parts and equipment like O-rings, gaskets, valves, unions, water filters, and more. Its unique formula is waterproof, odorless, and biodegradable. You can have peace of mind knowing that it won’t drip or dry and works to prevent bothersome corrosion and rust along the way.

Lube Tube is compatible with most plastics, metals, rubbers, and best of all, it doesn’t stain anything. It is perfect for pool and spa applications as it stands up to both hot and cold water along with common chemicals like chlorine and bromine. Lube Tube contains PTFE and silicone for a superior performance while not washing away like regular grease alternatives.

Reattaching the two halves of a pool filter’s external tank can sometimes be tricky. This is where Lube Tube comes in. With the cover on its side, open the tube and apply liberally using your finger to evenly distribute on the exterior surface of the filter.

As you spin the filter half, it may help to bend your finger to maximize the coverage on the outer surface. This will aid in getting a tight seal on the two filter halves but also acts as a sealant if water was to push past the O-ring. It’s a win-win situation.

To reconnect, press down on the top of the tank and check that there is no visible seam at the thread line. No thread lines visible ensures that it went on correctly. Next, take your clamp, put it back over the top, and spin it clockwise on the thread until it locks down.

Cleaning of your pool pump basket should be done regularly. Part of this cleaning routine will be to periodically ensure that the rubber gasket is seated correctly and remains in working order. Lube Tube helps in this process as well. Apply the product to the rubber gasket all around ensuring complete application and getting rid of any debris that may be stuck on. Place the rubber gasket back onto the groove at the top of the pump basket then place the lid back on. Turn clockwise so it fits securely in place.

Lube Tube is guaranteed to equal or even outperform other products like Magic Lube or Water Lube. It is a high-quality lubricant and sealant ensuring the perfect seal every time.

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