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Making Pool Cleaning a Breeze with the INOPOOL Leaf Max

Published by Monique on 06/11/2024

Making Pool Cleaning a Breeze with the INOPOOL Leaf Max

If you're a pool owner, you know the struggle of keeping your pool free from leaves, acorns, twigs and other debris. It's a constant battle, especially during fall when trees are shedding their foliage. Raking and skimming the pool is time-consuming and backbreaking work. Thankfully, INOPOOL has the solution with their innovative Leaf Max Cordless Handheld Cleaner.

The Leaf Max is a self-contained, battery-powered pool vacuum designed specifically for effortlessly removing leaves and debris from any type of in-ground pool. It attaches to the end of a standard telescopic pole, allowing you to clean your entire pool without ever having to bend over.

At the heart of the Leaf Max is its powerful suction and oversized impeller that generates 24 gallons per minute flow rate. This vortex-like suction easily captures even large leaves, acorns, twigs and more, depositing it all into the cleaner's large 5L reusable debris bag. And unlike traditional suction cleaners that can get clogged, the Leaf Max's continuously spinning impeller keeps everything smoothly flowing into the debris bag.

But the Leaf Max isn't just about raw suction power. It's also incredibly easy to use and maintain. The cordless, self-contained design means no hoses to detangle or cords to wrap up when you're done. The rechargeable 5,200 mAh battery provides an amazing 75 minutes of run time on a single charge. And when the large debris bag fills up, it can be quickly removed and the contents easily dumped into the trash.

Other key features of the INOPOOL Leaf Max include:

  • 10 inch wide vacuum head cleans a large area fast
  • Safe operation from 1-9 feet deep
  • Capture bags available in fine mesh or standard
  • Lightweight at only 7 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

If you want to make quick work of clearing your pool of leaves and debris, look no further than the INOPOOL Leaf Max Cordless Handheld Cleaner. It's the convenient, hassle-free way to get your pool sparkling clean in no time.