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Must-Have Supplies For Opening Day!

Published by Monique on 05/06/2024

Must-Have Supplies For Opening Day!

As a pool owner, opening your pool in the Spring can be an exciting but daunting task. Whether you are new to pool ownership or an experienced pro, it is common to overlook some of the essentials required for the big opening day. That's why EZ Pool & Spa Supply created a helpful checklist to ease some of the stress and ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming pool season!

Enjoy’s Pool Opening Kit (Plus Extra Shock)

One of the greatest things about a pool opening kit is that it turns a box of supplies into one item on the list! The Enjoy Kit contains Super Zappit shock, algecide, and stain and scale remover. All the products you need to get pool season kicked off right! Don’t forget to stock up on extra shock for throughout the summer. Super Zappit is available by the bag and is one of the best shocks on the market!

Test Kits

A good test kit is very important to maintain a clean and healthy pool. Checking your water regularly will help cut down on the cost of chemicals and prevent that dreaded green pool. There are many types of test kits available. EZ Pool & Spa Supply has a wide variety of testing kits and supplies in stock.

Water Balancing Chemicals

Once you conduct a water test, inevitably, adjustments to your pH, Total Alkalinity, or Calcium Hardness levels may be necessary. It's advisable to conduct the test a few days before opening your pool or ensure you have the necessary chemicals on hand for immediate adjustment. These chemicals aren't just essential for pool opening; they'll be utilized throughout the summer season.

Pool Pole, Vacuum Head, Vacuum Hose, Leaf Rake, and Brush

As a pool owner, you probably have all of these tools already. Before opening day take a look at your pool cleaning tools and update or replace them as needed. You don’t want your old, cracked vacuum head to break on you in the middle of the pool opening!

Safety Cover Tools and Storage Bag

If you need a new safety cover anchor key, installation or removal rod, or any other safety cover hardware it is best to get this ordered beforehand. Be sure to store your cover in a rodent-free environment. If you need a new cover for the end of the season it is best to get this on order now. EZ Pool & Spa Supply offers a great selection of standard sizes and custom fit options.

Filter Media

If you own a D.E. Filter be sure you have enough fresh D.E. Powder to last a few backwash cycles. Also, take a minute to inspect all your grids. They should not have any tears or dark stains on them.

If you own a cartridge filter, inspect the filters for any signs of tears or stains. These filters can be cleaned but you may want to get a new set if they are more than a couple of years old.

Be sure to change all grids or cartridges at once to ensure optimal performance from your filter.

Replacement Mineral Cartridges or Salt Cells

If you have a saltwater pool, make sure the check the salt cell and ensure it has some life left in it. Always check the salt level after topping off your pool to be sure it is where it needs to be.

Skimmer, Filter, Pump, Cleaner Parts

Check over all of your equipment to make sure everything is working correctly and in good shape. It’s best to catch and fix any problems early on before they become bigger issues. Replace any faulty or damaged pool equipment parts as if not done so right away these can cause greater damage or even failure of your system. EZ Pool & Spa Supply has over 19,000 parts in stock for all of your equipment, new and old.

Opening the pool can be a bit of work but with these basic tools and supplies, your job will become a lot easier! If you have any questions or need some advice, please reach out to our knowledgeable friendly Customer Service Department. We are here to help in any way we can!