OnGuard 1" Maxi-Chlor Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs

Posted by Matt Fichera on Mar 26 2021

OnGuard 1" Maxi-Chlor Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs

OnGuard 1” Chlorinating Tablets are a great choice for ease in spas and swimming pool chlorination. They are convenient, durable, and long-lasting allowing you to relax knowing that dependable sanitation is keeping your pool safe for your family and friends.  OnGuard Chlorinating Tablets come stabilized helping bothersome chlorine loss due to the summer sun. These tablets dissolve slowly and are manufactured to resist crumbling while also maintaining a healthy chlorine residual. OnGuard 1” Chlorinating Tablets are also compatible with all salt systems which are a very popular chlorine alternative.

OnGuard tablets are optimal for small pool sizes as well as spas. They perform the best when being used with floaters, inline chlorinators, Intex brand pools, and automatic chlorination systems. These chlorine tablets tackle all pesky contaminants and work to keep your pool water healthy all of the time.

The 1” tablets come in a 1.5 lb. canister, are 99% Trichloro-s triazinetrione, and have 90% available chlorine. They’re completely soluble with no mineral scale build-up. OnGuard tablets are manufactured by N. Jonas and compare to other brands such as Kem-Tek, Bioguard, and Guardex.

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