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OnGuard Pool Winterizing/ Closing Kits

Published by Niko Kakouris on 07/23/2021

OnGuard Pool Winterizing/ Closing Kits

Are you winterizing your pool? If so, you’ll need a winter kit as it’s the final step before covering your pool for the winter months.

Winter kits use specially formulated chemicals that maintain your pool water throughout the winter months. With the pool cover on, pump and filter off, and no water cycling, your pool becomes a great place for algae and other contaminants to grow. 

This kit work to maintain pool water over the winter so you will have a much easier time when it comes to opening and balancing when spring arrives.

We recommend using the  OnGuard Pool Winterizing/ Closing Kit. The 15,000-gallon kit accommodates inground pools up to a 15 feet x 30 feet rectangle as well above ground pools up to a 27-foot round. The 30,000-gallon kit accommodates most inground pool sizes from a 16-foot x 32-foot rectangle all of the way up to a 20-foot x 40-foot rectangle as well anything larger than and including a 27’ round above ground. These kits are created to ensure you are using the proper amounts of each chemical and not purchasing too much or too little.

Every kit includes the following products:

Winter Algaecide: The algaecide is built to last for an extended amount of time.

Winterizing Cartridge and Foam Collar: Holes are created in the floater allowing for a slow release of borate over the winter months to be used as a disinfectant and working to rid the water of contaminants.

Stain & Scale Prevention: Stain and scale preventer is another component that aggressively works to prevent minerals and metals from building up and depositing on the surfaces of the pool.

Our team has many years of pool experience and would be happy to help advise and answer any questions that you may have. Click below to purchase the  OnGuard Winter Kit that best fits your pool size.

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