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Pentair MicroBrite IntelliBrite LED Pool Lights

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/02/2020

Pentair MicroBrite IntelliBrite LED Pool Lights

Looking to replace your 500-watt 110V lights in your inground pool? Thinking about lighting options for that fiberglass pool that you are researching? Look no further than the  Microbrite Intellibrite LED light from Pentair.

A swimming pool is a truly great investment for your property with many fun-filled hours amongst family and friends and even some peaceful alone time mixed in as well. Just because the sun goes down does not mean that the good times have to stop as energy efficient lighting helps to both brighten the way as well as set the mood. Your backyard pool can be a vacation oasis regardless of the time of day and there’s no better way to make your pool uniquely yours than to use  MicroBrite IntelliBrite Pool Lights from Pentair. These lights help you express who you are and reflect your own style while remaining highly functional and dependable.

These lights come in 5 vibrant color variations as well as white, and even warm white for that classic incandescent look. They are energy efficient, durable, and really do have some great options for color. As the name may indicate, MicroBrite lights provide more room for imagination as they are small enough to fit in underwater places that in the past would be too small for a light to be placed. Another great feature is that these lights are programmed for seven light shows and can be used with any Pentair automation system including the IntelliBrite® 5G Color-Changing LED Landscape Light system.

A relaxing evening, an upbeat summer night party, and everything in between, the MicroBrite pool light knows no bounds. These lights are 12V energy saving LEDs and measuring only 3.5 inches long. They are the most compact in the entire pool industry and fit into places where competitors don’t even dream of.

MicroBrite lighting allows you the creative freedom to add visual excitement to your pool and the landscape overall. These lights can be installed in water as shallow as four inches which brings locations such as fiberglass sun shelves, steps, water features, and swimouts into play for creative lighting layouts.

These lights are versatile while providing upgrade for fiber-optic lighting that’s suitable for retrofit into many pools with older lighting systems. Setup is remarkably easy even with retrofits, they can be installed either horizontally or vertically and the quality of the light is outstanding with no hot spots or shadows getting in the way. No niche is required and the light installs easily in any standard 1.5-inch pool wall fitting These lights are safety certified with no bonding required which saves on installation time and materials overall.

Give your pool the ultimate lighting upgrade with MicroBrite IntelliBrite LED lighting from Pentair.