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Pentair's Prowler Pool Robots

Published by Brooke Sardella on 08/12/2022

Pentair's Prowler Pool Robots

The Pentair Prowler line of robotic cleaners offers a wide range of features you can select from to perfectly meet your pool cleaning needs. From above-ground pools to large, elaborate inground installations, you can have a clean pool with ease.

Powered by Dolphin technology, Prowlers provide effortless cleaning. They do not rely on your pool pump or booster, which saves you energy and prevents excessive wear on your equipment. Just plug it in, place it in the water and come back to a sparkling clean pool! There will be no more need for you to scrub and vacuum by hand, so you can relax and enjoy your summer.

Whatever type of pool you own--regardless of shape or size--there’s a Prowler that’s perfect for you.

Pentair 930W

The latest innovation in the family, the Prowler 930W Robotic Cleaner has all of the features to tackle any pool it comes by with drop-in-and-go intelligence. With 930W’s WiFi connectivity, all you need is the Pentair Home app to make pool cleaning truly hands-off and effortless--even by robot standards.

Top Features:

  • WiFi control via the Pentair Home App for easy connectivity and smartphone enablement.
  • Easy access to the top filtration basket that captures minuscule and large debris.
  • A robust caddy for you to easily transport your pool cleaner from point A to point B.
  • Customizable cleaning schedule so you’re never overdue for a cleaning.
  • Manual targeting of trouble spots for a truly pristine pool.
  • Delayed start app feature allows you to clean now or later, so late-night swimmers won’t be bothered.
  • Fast cleaning settling to clean your pool in a jiffy.

Pentair Home App

The Pentair Home app helps you move, improve and enjoy your home's water. You can manage a range of tasks to control your swimming pool system, your Prowler robot, and monitor water chemistry. Even receive real-time alerts from the dashboard on your smart device.

Pentair 920

Designed to deep clean inground pools, the Pentair Prowler 920 offers superior scrubbing and vacuuming power all the way to the tile line. Equipped with two brushes, one spins at 2x the speed of the tracks to beat the toughest scum.

The Prowler 920 also offers dual-filtration and comes with separate mesh baskets for large and fine pool debris. This means you can customize the filtration for the debris you see on the floor of your pool or even change out the baskets mid-clean for pre party touchups.

Did you forget to clean the pool? No worries with Prowler! You can program daily cleaning schedules with the built-in weekly timer.

Top Features:

  • All-surface deep cleaning with a powerful, high-speed scrubbing brush
  • Fast and easy debris removal with a top access filtration basket
  • Select from a large or fine debris filtration cartridges
  • Programmable daily cleaning schedules with a built-in weekly timer

Pentair 910

If you are looking for an automatically clean above-ground pool, the Prowler 910 is the right choice for you. It houses all the features you need to have a spotless pool floor:

  • Powerful high-speed scrubbing brushes
  • Fast debris removal and filtration
  • Durable 40ft power cord to help your robot reach the farthest places

See how the family of Prowler 900 Series Robotic Pool Cleaners can help you effortlessly clean your pool, giving you more time back in your day.