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Piranha Pool Leaf Nets

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/22/2021

Piranha Pool Leaf Nets

Piranha Pool Products is on a mission to build the very best cleaning tools in the swimming pool industry. Their flagship product is the  Piranha leaf net line. These nets have a patented design lip with an extended sloping surface that is able to slide under leaves and debris while also being durable enough to handle heavier items and get them off the bottom of the pool.

A favorite amongst service pros and pool owners alike, Piranha leaf nets clip into most poles can also be taken apart so both the net and guard can be changed out as they wear over time.

Piranha nets are available in all shapes and sizes along with different types of netting that pick up the smallest of debris including sand and silt. The scooping edge is patented and is designed to get little things out of the pool such as lost jewelry but is also fully capable of lifting out heavier items that may find their way into your pool.

The standard net is the Piranha PA-500. It has the 18-inch bag and it’s all triple stitched to give it as much life as possible. In fact, all of these nets are stitched with durability in mind.

The net is also very easy to replace. There are no tools needed just pop the rim off and open up the Velcro. The Velcro helps the net to remain attached while reconnecting the rim.

There’s also a Piranha PA-560 which has a 24-inch-deep bag allowing you to really scoop a lot of debris out of the pool if it’s needed. Is there a ton of leaves down at the bottom? Take advantage of that scooping edge along with the ultra-strong frame to quickly and efficiently rid the pool of that bothersome debris. If you wanted to upgrade to the deeper bag, you would only need to purchase the bag itself not the whole frame and rim scoop.

There’s also  Piranha wide mouth nets available which is the PA-800. The PA-590 is made with a finer mesh allowing smaller sand and silt particles to be captured during spot cleaning. Looking for a smaller debris quick flip bag? The PA-533 would be at your service.

Piranha is an industry leader among pool cleaning brands, be sure to check out their other products as well which include pool brushes, and poles. We would be happy to help answer any questions.