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Piranha Pool Products

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/08/2020

Piranha Pool Products

Piranha Pool Products is one of the brands under the Smart! Company umbrella. They state that their mission is to build the very best cleaning tools in the swimming pool industry. The company CEO and product designer is a pool guy who has cleaned over 25,000 swimming pools. Unlike other companies and competition, Smart! knows what it takes to stand out and what goes in to making the best pool cleaning tools available.

The Smart! Company started making cleaning tools in 1995 and was awarded 3 patents on their first leaf net designs. The Piranha and Stingray nets actually became the best-selling leaf nets in both wholesale and retail stores across the nation. Recently the U.S. Trademark Office issued an additional patent for their innovative design on a lever-locking telescopic pool pole.

The Piranha line continues to be the industry leader amongst pool cleaning professionals. Piranha leaf nets, poles and brushes are available through hundreds of wholesale distributors nationally. These are also available to retail customers. The Smart! Company also has the Stingray line available, designed to provide pool owners with the outstanding efficiency and dependability that are unique to all of their pool cleaning products.

The Smart! Company has a deep commitment to their customers and customer satisfaction. They stand behind their products and embrace innovation. Piranha leaf nets have a patented design lip with an extended sloping surface that is able to slide under leaves and debris while also being durable enough to handle heavier things like coins and get them off the bottom of the pool. These nets are a favorite amongst both service pros and pool owners alike. This extended portion also allows for wear to happen. Piranha leaf nets can also be taken apart so the net and guard can be replaced as they wear over time.

Piranha nets are available in all shapes and sizes along with different types of netting that pick up the smallest of debris including sand. The scooping edge is patented and really popular especially when working in conjunction with the Piranha Pole.

Piranha offers some of the best and strongest 2-piece power poles on the market and can extend all of the way to 16 ft. if needed with the uniquely secure level-lock keeping the second piece firmly in place. These poles have a flap inside them that allows the 2nd section to extend and be immersed in water without also being filled up with it. This allows the pole to stay lighter while you are vacuuming or skimming the pool bottom. It is made out of clear Anodized Aluminum to prevent all types of corrosion and is just manufactured very well.

The second piece extension has built-in glides to prevent the tube from slipping or twisting while extended. You can rest assured that this pole will never collapse on you while using it. There is a lever which is spring loaded and is a replaceable part. It also features an interior stop to prevent the pole from separating on you. There are also extra holes on the front to make attaching any tool quick and easy.

We feature Piranha Leaf Nets as well as Bristle Brushes for scrubbing that can be purchased  here.

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Piranha Pool Nets