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Raypak Crosswind

Published by Makayla Ruth on 12/01/2021

Raypak Crosswind

The Cross Wind Heater by Raypak

The Crosswind by Raypak is a perfect alternative for pool and spa owners' heating needs, not only for southern states but northern states also. Using state-of-the-art technology, Raypak has designed yet another way to economically heat your pool with ease. Introducing:  The Crosswind Pool and Spa Heater. This heat pump is able to heat your pool precisely by using inverter technology. Meaning, pool owners are now able to automatically control their pool temperatures in turn, saving money and energy. Other features include:

  • Whisper Quiet Feature
  • Heating And Cooling Modes
  • Energy Efficient Technology

Raypak Crosswind 30-I Heat and Cool Pump | Pool Supply Unlimited

Whisper Quiet

Within the Crosswind is an built in quiet inverter compressor included with a low speed fan motor allowing a quiet heating operation. The days of listening to the consistent buzz of the heater is now over.

Heat and Cool

The new ‘Heat and Cool’ function on the crosswind offers useful attributes that can positively impact many. If you live in a state with warmer temperatures year round, being able to cool your pool can create an enjoyable way to refresh no matter how hot the weather is.

Not only does this heat and cool feature allow pool owners to lengthen their pool season, it also can provide quite the benefit for athletes. Contrast therapy is a common post workout technique that many athletes use. Since muscles constrict in cold water and expand in hot water, plunge pools enable blood flow to increase, stimulating circulation. This method has been proven to control joint inflammation and improve muscle recovery in athletes. The Crosswind has the ability to provide contrast therapy to many athletes. Using the heat and cool features, temperatures can go as low as 54 degrees Fahrenheit up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Creating the perfect plunge pool temperatures for all athletes.

Raypak – - Crosswind 30-I, 40-I, 50-I, 65-I

The Crosswind heat pump is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to pool and spa heaters. With inverter technology, energy efficient and whisper quiet functions, this heater is able to work efficiently and effectively in any and all hot tubs and pools, all for budget-conscious pool or spa owners.

To learn more about The  Crosswind, click here to access its brochure and manual.

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