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Rola-Chem Scumbugs

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/20/2019

Rola-Chem Scumbugs

Scumbugs are powerful clarifiers and work extremely well to prevent the formation of ugly looking scum lines on the surface of your water. They aid in improving filtration and are capable of absorbing an incredible 40 times their weight in body oils and lotions.

Scumbugs are hungry bugs! Drop one into your skimmer basket or your spa and watch it go to work. Developed from technology that was originally used to pick up and clean oil spills in the ocean, this foam floats, collects contaminants in the water, and battles cloudy water, scum lines, and even clogged filters.

Oils, scum, and slime on the top of your pool water? These bugs devour unwanted items, can absorb 40 times their weight in things like body oils, sunscreens, lotions, pollens, and any other micro-debris. Drop it in the skimmer basket and let it go to work for you!

If it’s in the skimmer and had its fill with oils, scum, and other things it’ll get very slimy on one side. To combat this, simply flip it over and it’s ready to go again. When both sides are saturated, you can take it out, wash it and use it again. Yes, it’ll get worn out but luckily the nice people over at Rola-Chem have made many other bugs for you to replenish the hive with. Squeeze out, rinse with clean water, maybe use some light soap if needed.

The Scumbug also works wonders on spas and hot tubs. A clean hot tub certainly goes a very long way when it comes to serving up serenity and complete relaxation. Spas and hot tubs are certainly more enjoyable when there is less maintenance and using this product can definitely help keep cleaning time and costs down. The amazing Scumbug works non-stop with very little effort on the owner’s part, sometimes it can go an entire spa season without needing to be replaced. Spa water gradually gets cloudy and dirtier over time and tends to not be as enticing and relaxing. Scumbugs combat this.

This product is relatively inexpensive and it lasts a long time. For crystal clear pool or spa water, choose the Scumbug.