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Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 08/02/2019

Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit

N. Jonas is a great company. They are the makers of the very popular Enjoy which is a low chlorine disinfecting alternative as well as many other well-known products.

Their Safe-T-Zone is a winterizing kit intended for inground pools with mesh safety covers up to 30,000 gallons but can also work effectively with solid inground covers as well. The kit contains a phosphate remover, a special winterizing algaecide, a winterizing float with enzymes, and a stain and scale preventer.

The phosphate remover works really well with mesh covers as it kills phosphates which are the main food source for algae to grow, thrive, and bloom. The mesh cover material allows algae and debris to filter through the cover during the off-season. The water in the pool, in this situation, needs to be treated during its “hibernation” otherwise you’ll be dealing with green, cloudy water come next pool season.

In addition to the phosphate remover, included is a non-phosphate-based stain remover, a powerful algaecide and a winter pool floater that contains special oxidizers and enzymes that help keep your pool crystal clear over the winter.

There is definitely something rewarding come spring when you open your winter cover and the water is crystal clear just like you left it in the fall. Our Safe T Zone Winter Pool Closing Kit can definitely get you there.

Here’s what comes in the kit

  • -Stain and Scale Control (1 qt.) (helps in controlling staining while reducing calcium deposits)
  • -Winterizing Algaecide (1 gal.) (reduces algae growth)
  • -Phos-X Phosphate Remover (1 qt.) (helps to reduce phosphates which algae feeds on)
  • -Tablet Floater w/ patented oxidizers & enzymes (4lb. floater ) (works to clarify water, combat scum lines, contains borate that stabilizes pH and reduces corrosion)

Our team of pool specialist are ready to assist and answer any questions that you may about pool closing season and how to go about closing yours.  Contact us today. We also have a large selection of winter closing kits available.