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Save the Heat with Therma-Swim Liquid Solar Cover

Published by Monique on 05/14/2024

Save the Heat with Therma-Swim Liquid Solar Cover

As summer temperatures rise, pool owners know the struggle of trying to keep their pool water at a comfortable temperature. Traditional pool covers can be cumbersome and take time to remove and replace every time you want to take a dip. That's where Therma-Swim Liquid Solar Cover comes in - the easy and eco-friendly way to reduce heat loss in your pool.

Therma-Swim is a liquid pool cover that forms an invisible barrier on the surface of the water to prevent evaporative heat loss. Unlike solid or vinyl covers, there's no need to wrestle with removing and replacing a bulky cover every time you want to take a swim. Simply pour the liquid solution into your pool and it gets to work.

One of the biggest benefits of Therma-Swim is its effectiveness at retaining heat. The liquid forms a thin monolayer that prevents water vapor from escaping, which is one of the main ways pools lose heat to the surrounding air. By reducing this evaporative cooling effect, Therma-Swim can help keep your pool a comfortable temperature for a fraction of the cost of operating a pool heater.

(Pro Tip: Angle your return fitting downward to reduce the surface movement. Therma-Swim is most effective when the surface is still.)

In addition to its heat retention capabilities, Therma-Swim is incredibly easy to use. There's no complicated installation or covers to wrangle. You simply pour the liquid into your pool and you're done! The solution is designed to last about a month before another application is needed.

Perhaps best of all, Therma-Swim is environmentally friendly and compatible with all standard pool chemical systems. The formula is biodegradable and won't interfere with chlorine, salt systems, or other pool maintenance chemicals. You can enjoy a warm, inviting pool without worrying about negative environmental impacts.

So don't let rising temperatures ruin your pool time this summer. Keep your pool at the perfect swimming temperature easily and eco-consciously with Therma-Swim Liquid Solar Cover. Pour it in and start enjoying pleasant, heat-trapped swimming no matter how high the mercury rises. Your pool's new liquid cover and EZ Pool & Spa Supply has you covered!