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Selecting an All-In-One FROG Pool Care System

Published by Makayla Ruth on 11/03/2022

Selecting an All-In-One FROG Pool Care System

When it comes to FROG all-in-one pool care systems, there are many choices. The three FROG systems we’re going to look into are all capable of providing pools of up to 40,000 gallons with the chlorine and minerals necessary to keep the water crystal clear while minimizing the strong odor caused by high-chlorine systems. A well-balanced pool will significantly improve your pool experience and help your pool equipment last for years and years. Let’s take a look at each of these systems individually.

Pool FROG 5400

This Pool FROG 5400 Fresh Mineral Water Pool System is widely available at participating brick-and-mortar retailers and online pool supply retailers. This system accepts cartridges (also known as reservoirs or bac pacs) from multiple FROG product lines which makes it versatile and economical. When registering this system, you’re eligible for an amazing 10-year warranty. Designed to treat pools between 25,000 and 40,000 gallons, this system also employs the use of a mineral reservoir and Pool Frog Chlorine Bac Pac. Relying upon minerals will greatly reduce the amount of chlorine your pool needs to look and feel clean.

The Pool Frog Chlorine Bac Pac should last 1-3 weeks, depending on the size of your pool, the weather conditions, how much your pool is being used, and what your water tests are showing. The mineral reservoirs have a recommended lifespan of approximately 6 months and if you’re a seasonal pool owner, we recommend replacing the mineral cartridge at the beginning of each pool season.

Have a smaller pool? The Pool FROG 6100 Fresh Mineral Water Pool System is the smaller version of the Pool FROG 5400 and is designed to maintain pools between 10,000 - 25,000 gallons.

Pool FROG XL Pro

This system has a dual cycler system which holds minerals on one side and a larger chlorine cartridge on the other side. This makes the Pool FROG XL Pro In-Ground Mineral System ideal for pool owners with larger pools (up to 40,000 pools). When you register your system, you’ll receive an amazing 10-year warranty. .

The mineral reservoir should be replaced each pool season or every 6 months of use, whichever occurs first. The Pool Frog Chlorine Bac Pac will need to be monitored occasionally to see how much chlorine is available. It is recommended to keep an extra Chlorine Bac Pac on hand to make sure you can replace the chlorine when needed.

Using minerals will reduce the amount of chlorine your pool uses. The usage, however, will depend on several factors such as pool size, usage, sun exposure, weather, and your pool water tests.

FROG Leap Twin

FROG Leap Twin systems are only able to be purchased from authorized FROG Leap Dealers. When you register your Leap Twin, you’re able to receive a lifetime warranty. The system uses a mineral reservoir and a Chlorine Bac Pac that are specific only to the FROG Leap system.

The lifespan of the mineral cartridge is about 6 months of continual usage. If your pool is seasonal, it is recommended that you replace the mineral cartridge each time your pool is opened for the season. Chlorine Bac Pacs will need to be replaced anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the settings you select due to pool usage, pool size, weather, and water balancing tests.

As mentioned above, this is capable of sanitizing pools up to 40,000 gallons and uses patented mineral technology which allows the pool to require lower amounts of chlorine. The availability of the system and its corresponding cartridges might make this slightly harder to find.


Each of these three systems deploys the use of minerals to help reduce the need for chlorine. Although it doesn’t completely replace chlorine, it helps with the sanitization of your pool. With the capability of handling pools up to 40,000 gallons, each system includes a very impressive warranty, the best of which is a lifetime warranty for the FROG Leap Twin system. FROG refill packs and cartridges are usually very readily available, however, it is recommended that you have at least a 2-3 month supply of chlorine cartridges on hand to make sure your pool is continually being fed a small amount of chlorine.

If you currently use a different system to sanitize your pool or you’re getting a new pool and are worried about chlorine irritating your skin, minerals such as the FROG systems will reduce your pool’s overall use of chlorine. Pool water treated by FROG systems is left smooth and soft while vastly reducing the chlorine odor caused by chlorine.


The Pool FROG 5400 and the Pool FROG XL Pro are more commonly available due to the fact that more retailers are authorized to sell them. On the other hand, the FROG Leap Twin system is only sold by vetted and trusted pool companies that have the knowledge and training required to sell these units. The FROG Leap Twin System has a lifetime warranty while the others have a 10-year warranty, as long as you register the product.

Our Recommendation

As an authorized FROG dealer, we are happy to recommend the Pool FROG 5400 for all pool owners that need a sanitizing system capable of handling pools from 25,000 up to 40,000 gallons. For above-ground pools or smaller in-ground pools, we recommend considering alternative FROG products such as the Pool FROG 6100 system or the Flippin’ FROG XL.

We also recommend making sure that you have a reserve of refill packs or cartridges to ensure your pool is kept in pristine condition. At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we have a great relationship with FROG Pool products and we are happy to assist our customers in making educated choices when it comes time to simplify the pool care process.

In addition to a fresh mineral water system, it is important to regularly monitor your pool’s water to ensure it’s balanced. The Pool Frog 5-Way Test Strips will allow you to easily check your pH, total alkalinity, chlorine, and bromine levels.


Although all three systems have a lot of similarities, the main differences are the warranty length, price, and cartridges. All three systems are suitable for pools of up to 40,000 gallons and employ the use of minerals to reduce the use of chlorine for pool water sanitization. We gladly would recommend each of these three products and the choice would be based on your personal preferences. FROG pool products are designed for simplicity, durability, and performance.

Next Step

If you’re ready to take the next step, we have each of the systems available for purchase online or in-store. Our pool professionals are available to assist in answering questions and providing tips to keep your pool in excellent condition.