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Pool Frog In-Ground 5400 Series Mineral System, 01-01-5480

Pool Frog In-Ground 5400 Series Mineral System, 01-01-5480

Mfg #: 01-01-5480

SKU: 01-01-5480

UPC: 852669621696

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Pool Frog 5400 Fresh Mineral Water Chemical Cycler

Bigger pools mean bigger fun! Pool FROG® 5400 delivers sparkling, crystal clear water in a bigger way. Even better, Pool FROG creates Fresh Mineral Water®∞ with FROG minerals and a very low level of chlorine – up to 50%* less! That means it kills bacteria 2 ways, while it keeps water clear and silky soft. The best part – it’s easy to take care of. Prefilled cartridges make it no guess, no mess and no stress.

Kills bacteria 2 ways
Reduces chlorine use up to 50%*
Precision performance – set it and forget it


  • Fresh mineral water system for in-ground pools 10000 to 40000 gal
  • Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess and no stress pool care
  • Kills bacteria with up to 50% less chlorine
  • The mineral reservoir lasts all summer or 6 months whichever is shorter
  • The 2 lb bac pacs of chlorine last 1-2 weeks depending on pool usage
  • Use with Frog bam® for a 90 day no algae guarantee
  • Easy to use with weeks of consistent and effective water sanitization
  • Bac Pacs and Frog bam® containers are recyclable when empty

How it works:

The POOL FROG sanitizing system uses a combination of minerals and a LOW level of chlorine that creates Fresh Mineral Water. It starts with the Cycler that is installed after the pump and filter. Then the Mineral Reservoir is inserted inside with minerals that destroy bacteria all summer long. The Bac Pac® goes in next and precisely dispenses the small amount of chlorine needed for each pool. Everything is pre-filled for no mess, no guess and no stress. Simply replace the Bac Pac every 1-3 weeks when empty and the Mineral Reservoir every 6 months. Less work leaves your pool for nothing but fun!