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Solaxx Salt 3 - Integrated Salt Ozone System

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/17/2020

Solaxx Salt 3 - Integrated Salt Ozone System

The  Salt 3 is a salt chlorination and ozone system. This latest system from Solaxx is an alternative to traditional trichlor chlorine and is both faster and more efficient. It really is the total package with the salt producing the chlorine disinfectant and the ozone acting like shock for your pool.

The Salt 3 works with all pools up to 40,000 gallons. Gone are the days of red eyes and itchy dry skin with no more chlorine odor. The Salt 3 system produces the cleanest, clearest, and safest water on the entire planet as it eliminates everything including E Coli, Crypto, and Eurea that traditional chlorine has a hard time dealing with or falls completely short of killing.

This combination system is a game changer in that it is very easy to install, provides all of the advantages of a saltwater pool with none of the drawbacks. The  Salt 3 system is affordable and because it subtracts the need for additional chemicals in your pool, it saves you money every month.

Solaxx Salt 3

With use of the  Salt 3 system, the salt is continuously running at level 2 to 3 for a chlorine residual equaling around 2 to 3 parts per million. It can highly function over a wide range of salt levels and a low-level works to extend the life of the salt cell up to another 5 years. The flow switch is included and also pre-plumbed on the manifold along with the cell having unions for easy servicing. The salt system is all modular electronics with no computer chips on board to be replaced.

The Salt 3 has a pre-plumbed manifold which only requires a 22-inch opening and comes with 10 feet of tube for ozone feed to the manifold. The wall assembly measures 12’ x 15’ and has both the ozonator and power supply for the salt system pre-mounted. All you have to do is install the whip to the pre-wired junction box on the wall assembly.

The  Salt 3 system by Solaxx produces some of the most pristine pool water that’s available today. This type of a combination system producing water this beautiful is available at a very affordable price and utilizing the system with save you additional pool water management costs in the long run. Solaxx guarantees your satisfaction and promises that if your pool turns green or cloudy within the first year of purchase that they will send a complimentary cleanup kit. Solaxx offers excellent customer service and warranty coverage for customers across the United States. Now is the time for the most amazing pool water ever. Our team of pool specialists at E-Z Test Pool Supplies would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.