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Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/16/2020

Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter

Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter

Maybe you’ve seen this scenario before? You fill up your spa or pool with water from your well, you throw chlorine in there and the water turns all different kinds of strange colors. This is most likely minerals from the well water being used. The  X10 Water Filter is designed with these types of situations in mind.

What is an X10 Water Filter?

It is a granular activated charcoal filter that attaches to your garden hose providing superior water filtration. It is used when you are adding water to your pool or spa. It works when the water passes through  the X10 charcoal filter components. Removing 99% of water contaminates thus eliminating most pool water problems caused by copper, iron, manganese, lime, and calcium before they even start.

Why an X10 Water Filter?

Who benefits from this product? Pool or spa owners whose water is derived from wells or whose tap water may have metals, mineral or be high in calcium. Well water in certain parts of the country contains an excess of specific types of minerals and metals. An example: Higher than normal amounts of calcium in the Midwest region. Too much calcium causes scale deposits in your pool. Utilizing the X10 reduces this risk significantly.

How Do You Use the X10 Water Filter?

Before use, flush garden hose to remove contaminates. Connect  the X10 water filter to garden hose and flush for 60 seconds. Fill hot tub or pool. Replace end caps when not in use and do not allow the X10 filter to freeze by storing it in a warm dry place. Each X10 is good for up to 10,000 gallons of water or about 20 hot tub refills.

The X10 Water Filter will eliminate many water quality problems in a pool or hot tub. For more information and exactly how to use it take a look at our video below. The X10 is available for purchase, just click the product button above to go to the product page.